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This week, “Dallas” star Linda Gray (Linda Gray) participated in a Costco run near her California home, which was her first public appearance in some time.

Senior actress and former model Linda Gray go out Grocery store operation Earlier this week, she was near her home in Valencia, California. The star of the classic soap opera in 1978 Dallas, 81, grab some fruits and a blanket Costco On Wednesday, November 3, this was the first time she appeared in public in a while.As shown in the photo, the actress looks casual in black sweatpants and a light sweater here.

Linda Gray (Broadimage/Shutterstock)

Linda is best known for her role as JR Ewing’s wife Su Allen Ewing (by Larry Hagman), an oil tycoon who relied on manipulation and blackmail in his professional and personal life, in the soap operas of the 1970s.Between 1978 and 1991, she starred in all 14 seasons, and replayed the role in other reunions, including the 1996 TV movie Dallas: JR return And restart in 2012 Dallas, Which lasted until 2014.

Linda Gray
Promotional photo of Linda Gray and “Dallas” co-star Larry Hagerman (Movie Store/Shutterstock)

This role earned her an Emmy nomination and two Golden Globe Awards. Since then, Linda has continued to play many roles.Her recent movies include Yinyue, perfect match, with Grandparents daycare. The star’s outing this week was after she revealed her eldest child Jeff, She shared with her late ex-husband Ed Slasher, At the age of 56.She and Ed, who Died of cancer at the age of 74 In 2006, she also shared her daughter Kelly Sloan, 55.

Senior actress Shared the news of Jeff’s death In November 2020, she shared a photo of her son riding a bicycle from the back and a photo of her son’s name written on the beach on Instagram. “Celebrate the life of my son Jeff,” she wrote. “He is the kindest, most interesting, sweetest person… He brought this kind of love to this world, loved by everyone! May his journey be a magical journey.” She did not confirm the cause of death.

After a few months of social media disruption, Linda returned in January to send “virtual” love to all her followers on Instagram. “I left social media temporarily,” she explained in a video. “This has been a difficult year. It is for everyone. When my son died, I couldn’t talk to anyone. So anyway, I express my love to you and thank you for all the love you gave me during this difficult time. and support.”

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