Lil Nas X tells haters to stop using children as “shields” to express their counterattack against Peter Thomas of RHOA

Lil Nas X’s pregnancy shooting has attracted a lot of attention, mainly those who say that the image of a pregnant man may confuse children.

Well, Lil Nas X, who is obviously not pregnant, is fighting back against those who criticize his art and claim that people use children as “shields” to express their homophobia.

Lil Nas X’s “pregnancy” journey began with He tricked Drake’s fans by tricking Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy” album cover, It contains 12 pregnant women emojis of different ethnic backgrounds.

Lil Nas X used pregnant women instead of pregnant women to promote his upcoming album “Montero”, which will be released later this month.

To be fair, Drake’s viral album cover was deceived by everyone from Murray to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

But then Lil Nas X went one step further, posting photos of the entire pregnancy, taking photos with prosthetic babies uplifting, and social media went crazy about the images in the past week.

Although some people think that Lil Nas X is just doing what he is best at in terms of marketing genius, others are angry because children looking up to him may be confused by these images.

Boosie and several others opposed Lil Nas X, including former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Peter Thomas.

“This is disturbing on many levels, no matter what God wants or what God intends. I have two beautiful grandchildren, and if they ask, I don’t know what to say, SMFH,” Peter Thomas Written in the caption under the photo of Lil Nas X holding his baby bumps.

Well, it didn’t take long for Lil Nas to fight back, telling Peter and others not to hide behind them when talking about him.

He tweeted: “Stop using all your slugs as shields and hate gays with your chest.”

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