Lil Nas X responds to the skateboard sold by Tony Hawk

After news about Tony Hawk’s latest collaboration began to circulate, Lil Nas X let his voice be heard.According to Insider reports, skateboard idols Cooperation with the beverage company Liquid Death Make 100 limited edition skateboards. Each deck is designed with blood-infused paint, made with red paint and a vial of Tony’s blood. After the news went online, Lil Nas X asked some questions about public reaction!

“Now that Tony Hawk has released a skateboard painted with his blood, and it has not aroused public outrage, you are all ready to admit that you have never been upset by the blood on your shoes,” Lil Nas X wrote on Twitter “Maybe you are angry for other reasons?”

As previously reported, the rapper met with strong opposition in March after releasing a custom Air Max 97 with a drop of human blood. Lil Nas X collaborated with streetwear company MSCHF to release “Satan Shoes”. At that time, referring to Luke 10:18, only 666 pairs were available, with a retail price of US$1,018, which talked about Satan falling from heaven.

Soon after the launch, Nike Publicly deny Any participation in the creation of “Satan Shoes”.They subsequently denied Litigation against MSCHF product studio For trademark infringement.The judge approved Nike’s request to block the sale of the shoe, and the two companies quickly reached a settlement, which involved Voluntary recall Through MSCHF.

On Tuesday, the canned water company released a video introducing the production process of Tony and the skateboard. They showed the blood drawn from Tony’s arm, mixed into red paint and painted on the skateboard deck. In addition to the bright red paint, the company’s “It’s the Thirst Executioner” character is also printed on the deck. This character holds an eagle skull under the company’s slogan “Murder Your Thirst.”

According to Liquid Death’s website, 10% of sales profit Will be donated To two non-profit organizations named 5 Gyres and Skateboard Project. According to reports, 5 Gyres is an environmentally friendly non-profit organization dedicated to reducing plastic pollution, and Skateboard Project is Tony’s personal organization dedicated to building skate parks in underserved areas.

According to Buzzfeed News, the price of the skateboard deck is $500 each. Sold out in only 20 minutes.

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