Leyna Bloom becomes the first transgender woman to report on Sports Illustrated

The cover of Sports Illustrated is one of the most coveted covers in the world. Ladies are here to make history with the magazine! Megan Thee Stallion celebrates becoming the first female rapper to appear on the cover, and Leyna Bloom proudly reveals that she is the first to appear on the publication Transgender women on page one!

In an Instagram post, Leyna expressed her deepest gratitude for the opportunity to break the glass ceiling for women in her community. Leyna wore a beautiful white one-piece swimsuit and explained that she was humble and honored to be on the cover.

“This moment brought a lot of pain to the world,” Lena wrote. “We deserve this moment; we have waited millions of years before we appear as survivors and are regarded as complete human beings full of miracles. I am very happy, honored, and humbly sharing that I am the first A transgender woman on the cover of Sports Illustrated.”

Leyna continues to dedicate the cover to women in the LGBTQ+ community who feel uncomfortable living in the truth.

“I dedicate this cover to all the ballroom queens of the past, present and future,” Lena said. “This historical moment is important to #girlslikeus, because it allows us to live and be seen. Many girls like us have no chance to realize our dreams, or have no chance to live long at all. I hope my cover will allow us to live and be seen. Those who work hard to be seen feel valued.”

Leyna talked to Page Six about how her modeling career started and the inspiration she found from her grandmother who taught dance hall and track courses in Chicago’s South District. Leyna was discovered in New York City at the age of 17, and has since appeared in promotional activities for Vogue India, H&M and Levi’s, and even walked the show for Tommy Hilfiger.

“To be honest, we must move on,” Reiner said of the SI cover. “This is not the first time I have made history, and it may not be the last. I just want to go out, not restrict myself.”

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