Lauryn Hill is popular on Twitter for her poems on the Nas track “Nobody” (audio)

On Friday, Nas released his latest album “King’s Disease II”, once Twitter heard female, Lauryn Hill, social media was ignited on the track!

As the two contacted again, it seemed that they gave the fans what they were looking forward to.

Speaking of her late concerts and other issues, Hill thought of something, cleared the room clearly and said: “My consciousness is like Keanu in The Matrix. I’m saving souls, you all Complain that I am late.” She also said, “Now let me give you balance and clarity. I don’t need to turn myself into an imitator. I won’t do what you do for popularity.”

A netizen wrote on Twitter: “Lauren Hill Should give us another album, she still got it. “The other said:”Lauren mt. Appearing in the nas album, ready to remind everyone that she wears a crown on her head. “Someone added, “Just a reminder, at the age of 46, Lauren Hill Now you can rap 90% of n***. She still has a way. One commenter also said, “Nas got Lauren Hill Rap in 2021…Rap rap fr…My eyes are bursting with tears…”

As you know, Nass and Hill have not participated in “If I Rule the World (Imagine)” together since 1996. The hit single comes from Nas’s “Is written” Album. This is also the first time Hill has not had her teammate Fuggis. Fast forward, the two toured together in 2012, “Life Is Good/Black Rage” tour.

Friends, what do you think of this track?

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