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Fans believe that the comments of Brandon Jenner, half brother of the founder of Carey Cosmetics, indicate that he did not know that she was pregnant.

Kylie Jenner, At the age of 24, she may have concealed the secret of her pregnancy from some of her family members.Fans were surprised by her half-brother’s comments Brandon, 40 years old, appeared in her announcement video on Tuesday, September 7.He showed excitement, but when he found out that his half-sister was expecting her second child with her boyfriend, his tone was really surprised. Travis Scott, 30. “Impossible!” He wrote. “Congratulations.”

Brandon’s comment on Kelly’s Instagram announcement. (Screenshot)

After Kelly’s sweetness Pregnancy announcement video On Tuesday, Kelly’s family expressed their great love and support for the beauty idol.Her sister Kendall, Stepsister gold, Kohler with Courtney Kardashian, With mom Chris Jenner All left sweet comments to congratulate the youngest sister Jenna on being pregnant.Even Courtney’s boyfriend Travis Barker She left a sweet comment, but fans scratched their heads at Brandon’s response. Although it is a sweet talk, fans think it sounds strange that he doesn’t know. “Your sister didn’t tell you that she was pregnant?” A person responded to his comment.

Fans believe that this comment indicates that Brandon found news of pregnancy on Instagram.Brandon and Kelly are Half-siblings, sharing their father Caitlin Jenner. Caitlin-and then still passing by Bruce Jenner -Let Brandon be with her ex-wife Linda Thompson In 1981. The couple divorced in 1986 and Caitlin married Chris in 1991 and remained married to her until she transitioned in 2015. Caitlin and Chris gave birth to Kylie in August 1997.

Kelly, 24, and Brandon, 40, are half-siblings of their 71-year-old father, Kaitlyn Jenner. (Shutterstock)

Kelly seems to be ecstatically pregnant with her second child Astronomical World Rapper!There are rumors that she is Be pregnant since August, When a source close to her told Sixth page What she was expecting.Kelly and Travis already have a three-year-old daughter Stormy Webster Together. She was born in February 2018. With the announcement of her pregnancy, Stormi seems very excited to be a big sister.In the announcement video, the couple’s daughter was recorded Kissing her mother’s belly. It’s so cute, the girl will definitely become a great sister!After the news was announced, Kylie also posted a stunning Instagram photo where she was In a white dress This shows her baby bumps!

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