Krispy Kreme intensifies vaccine promotions-the company now provides two free donuts for vaccinated people

#室友, in case you missed it for the first time, Crispy cream Give you another chance to get some popular donuts for free-this time, the company is redoubled efforts to get more Americans vaccinated. Krispy Kreme just announced that now, if you show proof of vaccination, you can get two donuts for free instead of one!

If there is one thing that usually brings people together, it is Free stuff, Especially when the freebies happen to be food. The popular chain restaurant Krispy Kreme hopes that the temptation of free donuts will be enough to get more people vaccinated. @CNN reported that starting from August 30th, Krispy Kreme officially doubled its initial promotion, offering two free donuts to anyone with proof of vaccination-than they offered when they launched the promotion in March One more. Until September 5th, as long as your vaccination is valid, the promotion will reward two free donuts every day.

According to Krispy Kreme, 2.5 million donuts have been given away to vaccinated customers since March. To celebrate the new promotion, the company also made a special heart-shaped donut, included in its traditional glaze, both of which will be given away. Dave Skena, Chief Marketing Officer of Krispy Kreme, talked about the decision to continue the promotion.

“We all hope that we are now near the end of this pandemic. No. So, if you have not been vaccinated yet, please consider getting vaccinated. Then enjoy and share two amazing donuts, thank you very much,” he said .

Krispy Kreme’s two free donut offers will last until the end of the year.

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