Kim Kardashian in a wedding dress and Kanye West attended the third “Donda” listening party. Fans called him a “genius” because he set the stage on fire

On Thursday, Kanye West hosted the third listening party for his highly anticipated “Donda” album at Chicago Soldier Stadium.

In front of 40,000 fans, Kanye West staged another talk show with multiple highlights, including self-immolation and Kim Kardashian wearing a wedding dress with him.

Walking out of the replica of his childhood home, when he walked on the set of “Donda”, Kanye West could be seen carrying a flame.

As soon as he appeared, people had a lot to say about his creative posture. A netizen wrote on Twitter: “I can’t believe Kanye West really ignited himself in the #Donda event.” Another said: “Billionaire Kanye West set himself on fire last night, and you are still there. Arguing whether he is a genius or a lunatic.”

If self-immolation was not enough, Kanye also held a mock wedding with his separated wife, Kim Kardashian. As you know, the two did file for a divorce, but she wore a custom white Balenciaga gown to join him on the set, which sparked rumors of a reconciliation between the two.

A person on Twitter said: “#KanyeWest became popular in a minute, and then got married right away. A commenter also said, “I think they never broke up. “Another wrote: “He looked at her so happy. “Others said, “If my husband is a millionaire, I would also wear that dress.” “

As you know, “Donda” was initially announced to be released in July, but it is reported that Kanye has not yet finished the album. Kanye rented out the Mercedes-Benz Stadium for a few weeks to prepare for the debut. He also hosted two other listening parties in Atlanta.

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