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Kendall Jenner poses on the beach, wearing a variety of slim-fitting outfits, including a black thong swimsuit and black shorts and tights, showing off her beauty.

Kendall JennerAt the age of 25, she saw a beautiful scene in her recent photo shoot!this Keep up with the Kardashian sisters The star wore two different black outfits, including a one-piece thong swimsuit and a shorts tights, posing happily on the Malibu beach and striding confidently. Her drooping black hair drifted in the wind, and she was smiling and playing on the beach.Look at Kendall’s photos here!

Kendall also wore a jacket over her clothes at some point during the photo shoot. One is a brown jacket that looks particularly warm, and the other is a white and black down jacket. She showed an excited and ferocious facial expression in front of the camera, and looked very relaxed in the joyful afternoon. It’s not clear what the shooting was for, but judging from the appearance of the photo, it must be epic!

Kendall Jenner wore a bikini during the last outing. (Huge)

When Kendall did not receive attention for taking photos, she would receive attention for other things, such as taking her away Custom Ferrari Go for a drive. Recently, it was discovered that this beauty was wearing a vest and leggings in and out of her car, leaving a deep impression on the onlookers. She was also wearing a baseball cap and mask, but did not pay attention to nearby cameras.

In addition to modeling and playing with her car, Kendall often hangs out with her boyfriend Devin Booker, 24. Although couples who have been in love for more than a year like to keep their relationship secret, they sometimes share each other’s sweet moments on social media. One of his recent photos even shows the creator of the 818 Tequila band wearing his Olympic gold medal while relaxing on the boat.

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner showed off her figure. (Huge)

Kendall also recently met Devin’s grandmother, which proves that things may become more and more serious.exist A video After spreading on the Internet, she could be seen saying hello to this lovely lady, asking how she was, and telling her that it was nice to meet her.

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