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Keira celebrated Isaac’s third birthday during the premiere of “Teen Moms: Young and Pregnant” on September 7. However, an unexpected visitor stunned everyone.

Moms Teen moms: young and pregnant Back in a brand new season, the season premiere on September 7 kicked off with a loud noise. Especially because Madison Beth From 16 & pregnancy Join the cast this season. But before we dive into Maddison’s storyline, let’s reconnect with the other ladies.

Rachel beaver Recently reconnected hazelnut‘S dad, Drew. He said that he wanted to calm down and reconnect with his daughter, but Rachel’s mother worried that he had ulterior motives-such as starting a romance with Rachel. Rachel didn’t think so. She insisted on supporting Drew, but when she later found out that Drew was arrested, it was even more difficult for her to defend him. Rachel said it was her duty to help Drew, but Rachel’s mother said that he was the only one who could save Drew. At least, they all agree that he needs to recover.

at the same time, Brianna Jaramillo Her mother couldn’t stop arguing about Brianna’s new friend. Ashley. No, Ashley is not Brianna’s new lover. After several failed romances, Brianna met Ashley at work and they became good friends. Ashley and her husband have five children, so Brianna will spend a lot of time in their home. She got a partner, and her son had a fixed play date with Ashley’s children. This seems to be a good setting, but Brianna’s mother doesn’t like this situation. In fact, she accused Brianna of constantly abandoning her for Ashley. But Brianna thinks her mother’s behavior is crazy, so she threatens to move to another city so that she can stay away from her mother.

Later, Kayla Cessler Famous Isaiah’s The third birthday.She invited some of her friends and family to her mother’s house to celebrate, but when Stephen No one knows how to react when the gift is given.Stephen’s friend sent a gift, and then asked Kayla and Luke Why did they not let Stephen see his son. They said that Stephen did not try to act like a father and that they did nothing wrong, but the friend disagreed.Things escalated a bit, but before they came Become too hot, Keira and Luke went back inside.

As for Maddison-her boyfriend Christianity Cheated on her, but he tried to win her back this week. Maddison told him they would never get back together, but he didn’t seem to refuse to answer. Her father had to intervene, and she shed some tears. She also said that she wanted to move out by herself, but her father told her it was not easy.

Want more drama?New episode Teen moms: young and pregnant It airs on MTV every Tuesday at 9pm.

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