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Kayla Sessler received an unexpected phone call in the episode of “Teenage Moms: Young and Pregnant” on September 14, which caught her off guard.

Keira Seisler Deal with more dramas involving her predecessor, Stephen Alexander, In the episode of September 14 Teen moms: young and pregnant. After Stephen accidentally sent out their son, Isaiah Last week’s birthday present, His mother decided to go a step further and contact Kayla, hoping that the father and son will be reunited. But to be honest, Kayla said that she would rather leave Stephan in the past, hoping that he would not contact her again.However, Kayla’s boyfriend Luke The mother who felt she owed Stephen listened to her.So Kayla agreed with Annette, But it’s more like shutting down than anything else.Although we have not yet seen their meeting, we did see Keira arrive at the cafe, where she and Annette will enter the professional A fight being teased Before the premiere of this season.

At the same time, from LoveFather in prison was triggered Kea Elliott Consider the ultimate make up X’zayveonmother, KaraAt first she hesitated, but because it would take a while to get Amur’s father out of prison, Kia felt that she had no choice but to meet with Kara and solve the problem, so that Kara could establish some relationship with Amur temporarily.

Later, Madison Beth Prove Christianity When she put all of his things into a garbage bag, filled the bag with glitter, then threw it into his driveway, and then drove away and asked his family to call her to the police, they ended once and for all. Too mature, right?

As for Rachel ——Well, she was annoyed by her mother recently, she came up with the idea of ​​moving to live with her sister Mallory. Her mother told her that this was the “stupidest” thing she wanted to do, but Rachel disagreed. So she started looking for an apartment and found a two-bedroom place for her and Mallory at a price of $525 per month. However, Rachel and Malorie did not occupy this position, but thought it was too expensive for them (yes, really) so they started discussing hair coloring.

finally, Brianna Haramilow Make sure her mother knows that she is an adult, even if she does not act like an adult.

Want more drama?New episode Teen moms: young and pregnant It airs on MTV every Tuesday at 9pm.

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