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Kate Hudson is known for her health posts on social media, and her son Ryder mocks her in a new video pretending to be her.

It’s no secret Kate HudsonAt 42 years old, she is a health and wellness enthusiast, and the actress keeps sharing health tips and tricks on her social media.However, when Kate was the special guest Late night with Seth Meyers On September 14, the host played a funny video of her eldest son, Ryder, 17, drag her. In the video, Ryder pretends to be his mother, he jokingly talks about a new smoothie he is making, while Kate stands behind him and shakes his head.

In the video, Ryder pretends to be his mother and conducts a simulation tutorial on the smoothie he wants to make.He said: “Hello everyone, this is Kate Hudson. I know you know me because you follow me, I am very interesting. Today we will make a wolfberry protein shake-it is delicious. I give it to My children. they love it. My whole family likes it. “

When the video played, Kate couldn’t help laughing. She told Seth, “This is my little comedian. This is quite accurate.” She continued, “He is also very funny. Ryder—I mean. Yes, he will probably follow up Footsteps family. I would say that he may be the most interesting person in our family. Kate even continued to talk, “So, it feels like every day to me.” No one made me laugh like Ryder, he just kept making fun of me. “

Kate just Engaged To a boyfriend who has been in love for four years, Daniel Togawa, 35. She announced the proposal on her Instagram on Monday, September 13, and attached a photo of the two kissing each other while showing the ring. She captioned the photo, “Let’s Go”, along with the bride, groom and a church.

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