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Karl-Anthony Towns and Jordyn Woods revealed in an interview that she changed his life, which is a very important goal for him.

Karl-Anthony Towns, 25, and Jordin WoodsThe 24-year-old couple has done better than ever before, and they revealed what they mean to each other in a lovely new interview.Lovebirds teamed up GQ Couple Quiz, Karl publicly talked about how Jordyn changed his life and how much they helped each other in the relationship.

Jordin asked Carl what her favorite restaurant was, and Carl replied, “Let me tell you one thing, fans… buddy. Female Change you. The woman changed you. He continued, “I have never been as tasteless as I am now.” I never thought about not eating raw sushi or raw fish. I never thought about it. But Jordin Woods appeared in my life, and now suddenly, we have to go to Nobu all the time. “

Jordyn Woods and boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns. (ShotbyNYP / BACKGRID)

Carl then joked and revealed that he likes sushi now Thanks JordynAs he admitted, “After going to Nobu about four times, I didn’t like to eat anything. I probably only liked fried chicken or chicken teriyaki rice. I finally said, “You know what, let me try that yellowtail Jalapeño’, since then, it has changed my life.”

Carl then said seriously to Jordin: “But baby, understand, you did change my life, but that, changed my life.”

This couple have Dated One year, they changed from friends to boyfriends and girlfriends in May. Since the listing, the two have been disclosing to the public how much they love each other.

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