Karl-Anthony Towns defended his girlfriend Jordyn Woods against doubts about her natural body transformation

Karl-Anthony Towns is for everyone who has something to say to his girlfriend Jordyn Woods, and she recently shared her body modification to promote her new fitness app.

Jordyn shared before and after photos of her body to show off her fitness journey, and at the same time challenged others to embrace fitness through her new FRSTPLACE app, which has received some severe criticism.

While some applauded Jordyn’s body modification, others accused her of performing surgery to change/enhance her body and trick people into paying for a plan that she did not actually benefit from.

“Jordyn Woods started a fitness app and acted as if she hadn’t completed the surgery. It shocked me. The BBL girl is too insane,” a netizen wrote on Twitter.

“Jordyn Woods didn’t lie about her transformation just to sell her fitness app,” another tweet wrote.

Well, Karl-Anthony Towns heard what people were saying and decided to quickly call them to talk about his woman, while defending what he said about Jordyn’s hard work.

“Are we saying women can’t work hard and change their bodies?” Kate wrote on Twitter. “I saw the hard work, saw the results, trust me, it’s natural.”

“Since she was 10 years old, people have called this woman a mean thing because of her weight. She did not let the Internet dominate her life, but went out to work and changed her entire life. Fitness saved her life. !”

He added that he would not succumb to the level of a troll and respond with hatred.

“So to those people. I pray and hope you can attract attention, but more importantly, you are desperate for love,” Carl tweeted before speaking to his lady. “For you, the only @jordynwoods, I love you, baby. Every day you make me proud to call you my girl, my queen, my rock, everything about me.”

What he said is what he said!

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