Kanye West claimed that Universal released the “Donda” album “without my approval”

After three listening parties in Atlanta and Chicago, Kanye West finally released his highly anticipated “Donda” album.

Although people are excited about the project, there seems to be some technical problems-one of which is that “Donda” was not approved for release.

Soon after his album was taken off the shelves, Kanye insisted on Instagram that the album had not been approved. He said, “Universal released my album without my approval.” He continued, “They hacked Prison 2 on the album.”

According to sources, this was after Chris Brown and Soulja Boy said a few words to the artist. Although they recorded the track, they did not appear on the “Donda” album.

Chris Brown said in his IG story: “Kanye is great as a whole.” He also added, “No, he is adjusting.”

Soulja Boy posted the so-called text message on Twitter. Soulja tweeted: “I know how it feels. Kanye sent me the song’Remote Control’, but I can’t hear my lyrics. Well, fuck that n*gga,” Soulja tweeted . “This n*gga Kanye smh. Tell buddies not to call my cell phone anymore.”

If you remember, at the third listening party in Chicago, you can see Kanye West walking on the “Donda” set with flames on his body.

As soon as he appeared, people had a lot to say about his creative posture. A netizen wrote on Twitter: “I can’t believe Kanye West really ignited himself in the #Donda event.” Another said: “Billionaire Kanye West set himself on fire last night, and you are still there. Arguing whether he is a genius or a lunatic.”

If self-immolation was not enough, Kanye also held a mock wedding with his separated wife, Kim Kardashian. As you know, the two did file for a divorce, but she wore a custom white Balenciaga gown to join him on the set, which sparked rumors of a reconciliation between the two.

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