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Celebrity hair stylist Christine Symonds told HL about the Met Gala trends that she thinks we will see on Monday and throughout the fall.

Christine Symonds, hair stylist Kelly Cuco Jessica Simpson, Jenna Board And more first-line stars, is the trend leader-predicting the next big thing in each season, and preparing her clients to inspire the rest of the world to do the same.this Clairol professional celebrity stylist ambassador Yes Hollywood Life Network In an exclusive interview, and provided her predictions that we will see celebrity rock hairstyles at the Met Gala on Monday, and How will they spend autumn“As Met Gala celebrates everything about American fashion, and our social and political climate, I think we will see a lot of things pushing gender boundaries, bringing inclusiveness and awareness to the forefront. There are no rules,” Chris Ting explained.

She continued, “You will see women in power suits shaking their shorter hair. You will see masculine and feminine styles used in a somewhat offbeat or unexpected way. Men use hair color to add more Feminine accessories and prints.” Recall that the theme of this year’s Met Gala is “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion”. It will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Museum of Fashion Institute and “explore the modern vocabulary of American fashion.”

Kaley Cuoco shook her golden tassels in the 70s style. (Shutterstock)

“There will be many people paying tribute to the legendary American idols of the past. Pay tribute to the 60s and 70s, whether it is hairstyle or fashion,” Christine added. “It’s no longer just a tuxedo and a ball gown. This will be a very interesting Met Gala carpet and awards season.”

Christine must have a busy awards season She and her client Kaley Cuoco, Who is the Emmy nominated role Flight attendant. “She has been playing with new tassels, and now her length is really long, so we are just going to play with it,” the hair stylist explained. “Now, her hair is full of relaxed feeling. She doesn’t want to make her hair feel too curly or too hot. We have been playing with blowing hair and really healthy, shiny hair, and focus on this.”

Christine Symonds was incredible before and after using Clairol Professional’s Shimmer Lights Plex Lightening System. (Provided by Christine Symonds)

Christine added that she “will definitely use Clairol Professional’s new Shimmer Lights Plex Lightening System” Her blonde client, She just used it on herself, turning her black hair locks into a vibrant and transitional autumn blonde-at home! “To be honest, I was very shocked by the results! In the past, I had to compromise, and I had to cut my hair lightly to maintain the integrity of my hair, or grow longer and darker. But I no longer use the new home lighting system-Clairol is really just Protect you during the whole process,” Christine revealed. “It can prevent up to 97% of breakages, and it is indeed the first product of its kind to provide me with such results.”

With the Shimmer Lights Plex Lightening System, you can “protect your hair from the dyeing process to the conditioning process. Of course, they also have the infamous purple shampoo and conditioner series to keep your blonde hair,” she continued. The best part is that you can get hair suitable for salons without a price tag. Each item in the system is less than $20 and can be purchased exclusively at Sally’s!

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