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With a touch of “nostalgia” and the present moment, the spiritual rock costume JRCG injects “life” into the “rainbow”, a feeling of “sound-intensive” and an explosion of colors.

Wayne White There is a famous saying that “beauty is embarrassing”, and the primitive, naked emotions evoked by beauty can cause “embarrassing situations.” It turns out that beauty can also be unpleasant, disturbing, and-strangely-difficult to accept at first.This is the beauty in “Rainbow”, the new audio works come from JRCG, New items from Dream failureof Justin R. Cruz GallegoIn “Rainbow”, JRCG combines the dim, half-covered gaze with the seemingly discordant beat to create a breathtaking symphony in the first moments of the terrible hurricane. And, like a devastating vortex, the dark clouds disperse, sharing a beautiful moment. You can feel the sun. You can see the rainbow.

“In the nostalgic charm, JRCG is unique, with his futuristic artistic rock atmosphere,” shared Louis CG of DD Music Group (Dreamdecay) Hollywood life Regarding his new project, he is currently preparing for their first album on the Castle Face record. “Injecting new vitality into tradition,’Rainbow’ is no exception. With dense sounds, rich drum sounds and lush free-flowing synthesizers, “Rainbow” pushes the genre to the edge of modernity while nurturing can, Pharaoh Sanders, with [Brian] Inno /[Robert] Fripp Time cooperation. “

“Rainbow”-and JRCG’s last song “Holy Hope”-requires multiple listening sessions, and fans will be able to spin it like the rest of the album- Acheng Sunshine – When it arrives on November 19th. it (Pronounced “Ahh-Ho”.) Sunlight Promise to record live recordings from rodeos near Ajo Way. This highway takes you west from Tucson, Arizona directly into the sun. The acoustic instruments and the glittering synthetic noise wall are dull and discordant. Chord shape composition, accompanied by overloaded drums, crackling microphones and seasick distortion waves,” according to the press release. The twelve tracks will be immersed in reverberation and experimentation, with constantly changing perspectives and changing soundscapes.

JRCG will hold a series of performances in November in Reno, Oakland, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland (Oregon), Seattle and Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to herald the arrival of this new sound of sunrise.The light of this brilliant spiritual rock dawn will soon hit your home, so follow JRCG to know when Sunlight It will make your eyes (and ears) more colorful.

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