Josh Pfeiffer’s One More Time – Peaceful and Melancholic

This November, singer, Josh Pfeiffer came up to rock our heart and soul with his first single in Country music genre – One More Time. On listening and viewing it, we could sail through it, quite literally and figuratively! Well, we can just say that the singer Josh Pfeiffer is going from strength to strength.

Josh Pfeiffer’s One More Time, directed by Alejandro Guimoye is a compelling composition. The lovers of romantic undertones will surely fall for the song that reminds us of our eternal fiction favorites like the Fault in our Stars.

Melancholic tone with a soft melodic tune makes the single memorable. The overall impact of the song is strong. I also found the cinematography by Michael Spranger of Fallen Leaf films to be stunning. A few viewers might undeniably draw comparisons to the storyline of the song to Notebook or even the Titanic because of the theme of True love beyond time.

Tara Pfeiffer is the beautiful actress who costars opposite Josh.  A fun side note, the two are married in real life. Tara does a masterful job, and with all of that beauty and the acting chops, we couldn’t help but be reminded of actress Michelle Pfeiffer.

The lyrics are moving, and the montage-like picturization gives great depth. The boat sailing without a sailor to manage it is lost and directionless. The lady who is distraught after her loss too is somewhat like that. High on metaphors and simplistic attention to detail make this no less than any classic by other country singers or jazz singers of the past.

Josh Pfeiffer – One More Time Video

Let’s talk about the magic in the voice!

Now, let us proceed to discuss the singer’s excellence in creating such a song and then singing it with his heart. What did we love? We love the singer’s semblance to McCreery, and this is again absolutely natural. We have found that the singer does not have to exert or do much of dynamics to pull our heart’s strings. When he hits the lows at the beginning of a song to when he raises his pitch – all are on point. If you enjoyed his Brand New Shoes, then this single will wow you!

Josh Pfeiffer is all set to be coming up with a Sinatra hit song cover too. With this voice and his rendition abilities, he makes sure that it will win hearts around the world.

As a rising star in the music industry, Josh Pfeiffer is gaining fame in making Youtube music video domain. One More Time seems like the best stepping stone to his success in this sector and making us eager to listen to more.

I give this music video 8 on 10.





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