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That’s it, fans of’AGT’! The top 10 finalists took the stage to perform their last performance before voting in the United States. Every action brought their performance.

Jimmy Herrod, Sofia Vergara Golden buzzer, activated at night America’s Got Talent The 16th season finale. He perfectly interpreted “what a wonderful world” and made everyone stand up. Howie Mandel Saying that there is no “word” to describe Jimmy’s voice. Heidi Klum Tell Jimmy that he is her “favorite discovery of the season”.Jimmy just set the standard Very High.

‘AGT’ top 10 performance

Quick change of artists Leah Kyle, Heidi’s golden buzzer, next came on stage. After being almost eliminated, she really took things to a new level. Sofia and Heidi praised this as Léa’s best performance. Simon Cowell The statement said that when it comes to her skills, he really thinks Léa is “the best in the world.”

One of Victory Brinker’s finale of the night. (National Broadcasting Corporation)

MarginalizedAs the first person to win the buzzer championship 5 times, she made history and she sounded great when she sang her latest classic opera. Wearing a white dress, she looks like a princess. “You are an absolute star,” Simon said. Heidi called victory “perfect”.

Gina Brillon The latest stand-up comedy is another hot topic. This female comedian is a star in the making.Howie tells the tragic death of the comedian Noam Macdonald He also said that Gina proved that “laughter is alive and laughter is the best medicine.” Sofia likes Gina’s material from a “female perspective” and likes what Gina does.

World Taekwondo
‘AGT’ World Taekwondo Demonstration Team. (National Broadcasting Corporation)

World Taekwondo Demonstration Team Raise their performance to crazy heights. Their finale performance is a thrilling action movie. They walked out of the auditorium and put on a wonderful performance. Howie declared this to be “the best performance of the night.” Simon said that this group is going to be defeated. Sophia wants to make their movie!

Aidan Bryant
Aidan Bryant while performing. (National Broadcasting Corporation)

Trapeze Aidan Bryant I was amazed by his wonderful performance. Simon was impressed. He stood on the judges’ bench and stood up and applauded Aidan! Simon praised Aidan for his “brilliant talent”, which is “one of the best live performances I have ever seen.”

Brooke Simpson With the intense performance of “White Flag”, she brought her A-level games Bishop Briggs. She is an excellent performer. Sophia told Brooke that she was “raising the bar.” Simon believes that Brooke really has a chance to win the game after this performance, and likes Brooke’s talent for paying “every ounce” every time.

magician Dustin Tavira Tell a story on an epic scale and continue to merge magic with real life. Simon believes that Dustin will be one of the last people in the final game tomorrow night.comedian Josh Blue Simon’s joke almost made Simon cry.The final performance of the night came from Northwell Health Nurses Choir, Howie’s golden buzzer.They sang a powerful performance Rachel Platten “Support you.” Howie thinks his Golden Buzzer performance “may” win the 16th season, and thinks they “deserve it”!

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