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Jim Carrey, James Corden and more stars are paying tribute to the beloved “Saturday Night Live” alumnus Noam MacDonald, who died of cancer at the age of 61.

Noam Macdonald, Comedian, actor and former actor Saturday night liveAfter nine years of private battle with cancer, he has passed away at the age of 61.Nome Management Company Brillstein Entertainment Confirmed the tragic news deadline After Noam’s death on September 14, the stars liked Seth Logan with Jim Carrey Pay tribute to Norm via social media and remember his iconic work in comedy.

“Oh fuck. I’m a big fan of Noam MacDonald, and when I first started acting, I basically ripped off his takeaway,” Seth Said On Twitter. “I will stay up late to watch his talk show. He is the most interesting guest ever. We lost a comedy giant today. One of the greatest figures in history. RIP.” Meanwhile, Jim was on social media platforms. Say,”My dear friend Noam Macdonald After 10 years of brave fighting. He is one of our most precious gems. An honest and brave comedic genius. I love him. “

Jon Stewart Right next to Honor Nome.he Said On Twitter, “No one can crash you like Noam MacDonald. Funny and unique. Fuck cancer. Another tribute to the norm comes from Whitney Cummings, Who shared a video of Norm’s iconic barbecue Bob SagittNorms are the pinnacle of bravery and originality,” Whitney wrote.

Josh Gade pay tribute And, wrote, “Oh, come on! Damn it. Not the norm. Absolutely disfigured. One of the most underrated and funny SNL performers. RIP.” Smallville alum Michael Rosenbaum Say he is “so sad to hear” the canonical death, and remember him as “Funny guy. He is a kind person. ” Gilbert Gottfried Share one Vintage photos He, Nome and a group of people went out to dinner and wrote: “This photo was taken after I was a guest on the Nome show. During dinner, laughter continued. He will be missed. RIP Nome MacDonald. “

at the same time, Zheng Ken Said, “In such a divided era, even comedians, we all agree Noam Macdonald it’s the best. rest in peace. ” Steve Martin Also respect Nome, writing On Twitter, “We love Noam Macdonald. one of a kind. “HollywoodLife contacted a representative SNL And creator Lorne Michels Comment on Noam’s death.

SNL Also told Hollywood life In a statement: “Today is a sad day. All of us at SNL mourn the loss of Norm Macdonald, one of the most influential comedic voices of him or any other generation. 1. About Nome, we will miss a lot of things-from his unwavering integrity to his generosity, to his usual ability to surprise. But most importantly, he is just funny. No one is as funny as Nome. .”

Then, James Corden Pay tribute to the late manga on the late night talk show on September 14. “What Norm wants to do is make us laugh. He is very good at this. No one is like him,” James said in the video below.

Nome is an actor SNL From 1993 to 1998, the most significant is the anchoring Weekend update Fragments of three seasons.Before joining SNL, He works for a writer Rosana, But withdrew to join the iconic sketch comedy series. Noam finally landed on his sitcom, Norm show, Aired on ABC from 1999 to 2001.Recently, he has his own Netflix talk show, aptly called Norm Macdonald has a show. He also has three comedy albums, spanning from 2006 to 2017.

Noam MacDonald (Photo: Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

exist deadlineReport, Nome’s long-term production partner and friend Lori Joe Hawkestra Said that the legendary comedian has been fighting cancer for nearly 10 years and wants to keep it secret. “He is most proud of his comedy,” said Lowry, who was with Nome when he died. “He never hoped that the diagnosis would affect how the audience or anyone he loved thought of him. Nome is a pure comedy. He once wrote, “A joke should catch someone off guard, and it should never cater to it. “Of course he never pleases. The norms will be seriously missed.”

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