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Jerry Springer slammed the Supreme Court’s Conservative judges, calling them “secret,” “shameless,” and “disrespectful” after they refused to stay or overturn the new six-week abortion ban in Texas female.

Jerry Springer When sharing his views on the Supreme Court’s inaction in intervening in the New Deal, he was unceremonious. Texas abortion law, which one Abortion is prohibited Six weeks later. The 77-year-old daytime talk show legend told Hollywood life In exclusive Podcast interview It was his view of the Supreme Court judges who allowed the law to pass. Jerry criticized judges who were selected for specific political positions.

Decided to support in SCOTUS Texas abortion law, Jerry breaks down the “dishonest,” “secret,” and “shameless” aspects that make certain people in the Supreme Court “political hackers.”Although Jerry Jerry The moderator explained that he “respects the institution of the Supreme Court very much”, and he pointed out that, over time, “certain people in the court are not worthy of our respect”. It’s worth noting that before becoming a TV icon, Jerry was a lawyer, with a JD from Northwestern University, and he was partner at the law firm of Grinker, Sudman & Springer from 1973 to 1985. Additionally, he was also elected to the Cincinnati City councils in 1971 and 1975.

77-year-old Jerry Springer publicly opposed the Supreme Court’s support of Texas abortion laws. (S Meddle/ITV/Shutterstock)

Jerry explained one by one his disrespect for certain members of the Supreme Court.He pointed out that many people were appointed under the leadership of the former president Donald Trump Because of his “specific political views”, before he explained this landmark case Rowe v. Wade I am definitely interested in appointing justices. “These people are selected because they will rule Rowe v. Wade,” He said Hollywood life.

Jerry insisted on this decision, saying that he felt that some SCOTUS judges did not follow their previous precedent. “I said’they are dishonest’ because each of them testifies under oath in the U.S. Senate and they will respect the precedent. Each of them, we can watch the video of them saying’I will respect the precedent’,” He said. “In the first few months of their tenure, what will they do? They do their best-in a sense-to overthrow Rowe v. Wade. So they lied. “

Talk show host, he is now also a true small claims court judge in the CW Syndicate series Jerry Jerry, Expanded on why the decision was considered “relentless” and issued a serious warning about what it might mean in future rulings. “They didn’t hold hearings. They didn’t have oral arguments. They didn’t have any substantive discussions, and they didn’t explain why they ruled like this when expressing their opinions. So the public was kept in the dark. The courts were kept in the dark. ,”He said. “how [the courts under the Supreme Court] Will it rule in the future? Because we don’t know the reason. “

In addition to calling the ruling “disgusting,” Jerry also criticized “the court’s disrespect for women,” and he contrasted strongly with the Texas legislature that first passed the law. “I believe that the Texas legislature is in a sense the Taliban of the United States,” he said. “Except for absolute violence-if you remove it-almost everything is the same. Neither the Texas State Assembly nor the Taliban should be respected for women. You must follow the instructions of this particular religion. We won’t Respect the election. We will not respect the media. We will cut off the free media. We will call them the enemies of the people. The only way to distinguish Texas Republicans from the Taliban is for the Taliban to wear a mask.”

When the Texas law came into effect in September, there was a protest. (José Luis Magana/Associated Press/Shutterstock)

In addition to the Texas abortion law, Jerry also stated that he does not plan to run for the governor of Ohio in 2022.Prior to working in television, Jerry served as the mayor of Cincinnati from 1977 to 1978 and ran for governor in 1982. U.K. He said that at the age of 77, he felt “too old.” In addition to the fact that he no longer lives in Ohio, he explained that he has other priorities. “Our grandson has become the center of our lives, he said, but he does not rule out helping other candidates. “I am still active. I donate money, I give a speech, and I support the campaign. So I am very active, but I don’t need to be a candidate. “

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