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The feeling of the 2000s! J.Lo’s OG collaborators Ja Rule and LL Cool J were spotted during the rehearsal of the Global Citizen Concert on September 24.

Jennifer Lopez, 52, Ready to provide a lifetime performance.Wearing a black short top, matching leggings and leather over-the-knee boots, this Bronx native looked incredible when he took the stage for rehearsals around the world Global Citizen Concert Friday, September 24. J.Lo joined two familiar faces on the stage: Jia rules, 45, and LL Cool J, 53.

J.Lo and LL Cool J hug on the stage. The two collaborated on “All I Have” in 2002 and “Control Myself” in 2006. (ZapatA/MEGA)

Of course, Jennifer collaborated with two rappers to create her iconic song of the past: Ja Rule, née Jeffrey Atkins, The fixture for her 2002 project J to LO!Mix In the tracks of “I’m Rule” and “Ain’t It Funny”. LL Cool J also composed two songs for Jen, including her unforgettable “All I Have” This is me… so The album, followed by “Control Myself” in 2006, appeared in his 2006 LP Todd Smith. It looks like J.Lo fans will love the nostalgic tunes!

Ja Rule & J.Lo
Ja Rule also appeared during the rehearsal of the Global Citizen Concert on September 24. (ZapatA/MEGA)

Earlier in the day, someone discovered that she was super Coach’s chic wool jacket. This waist-length jacket is decorated with antique-style brass buttons and is often seen on the brand’s luxury leather handbags-including the “Tabby” style shot by J.Lo for stunning promotional videos. She paired this nearly $3,000 jacket with fitted black leather leggings and camel boots, and tied her hair into a top-knot bun.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer looked incredible while rehearsing in black tights and a crop top. (ZapatA/MEGA)

It’s not surprising to see Jennifer take the nostalgic route for an upcoming concert, especially her career-defining album Luo Turn 20 years old this year (the subsequent remix album with Ja Rule is a derivative album of the same LP). In June, stars also pay tribute This is me… so -She thinks this is her favorite album-the 19th anniversary is approaching.This project is particularly sentimental because it defines her initial relationship with Ben Affleck, 49,

“When it entered the rankings again, 18 years later, I thought, okay. You realize this is such a personal journey, people are with you,” Jennifer Explain on Apple Music, Obviously refers to the renewed romance between her and Ben. “They asked me to go back and listen to that record. I haven’t listened to it for a long time… It was a truly pure moment. Music, when it matters, it never disappears… Love, it will not disappear. It’s there. ,” she also said.

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