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When the “Friends” star kept being cut off by the host Jermaine Janus, the interview with Jennifer Aniston became very embarrassing.

Jennifer Aniston with Reese Witherspoon Appear in A show On Wednesday, September 8th, to promote Season 2 Morning show. While doing this, Jen seems to have an awkward exchange with the host Jermaine Jenas This discouraged many viewers.

It all starts with the former friends The 52-year-old star and 45-year-old Reese appeared remotely and began to talk about what it’s like to film the show in the early morning.

Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Billy Crudup appeared in the second season of “The Morning Show.” (Apple TV+)

“I learned that it burns slowly. You are living in a very vampire life and mental state. Everyone wakes up in the middle of the night, it’s a slow-moving train,” Jane said. “I got there at 5 in the morning, the corridor was very quiet, people just woke up slowly, and then suddenly, the train started to move and it became more and more crazy. It was really chaotic.”

Then, Jermaine seems to interrupt Jen and ask Reese a question, while also suggesting that Jen is not a person who likes to get up early. “Reese, I have to be honest with you, Jennifer almost told me that she is not a person who likes to get up early,” he said.

Morning show
The cast of “Morning Show”. (Eric Chabono/Shutterstock)

Jane, who was taken aback by his words, asked, “Did I sell it to you?”

He said, “A little bit, a little bit,” and she retorted: “Did I get a good deal?”

Jermaine smiled awkwardly and quickly continued chatting with Reese, who distracted the situation effortlessly.He asked Reese She is A morning person, she said, “I am definitely an early person. Jane and I have been talking about this. I am an early person, and she is more like an evening person. So, it is actually feasible, Because I did some early morning scenes, and then at 4 o’clock I toasted, and then Jen started around 11 and 12 o’clock, and then she could do night scenes because I couldn’t even think about it after 4 pm”

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