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This is the end of an era!Jennifer Aniston cried and wiped away tears Very Emotion returns to the last season of the “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

All good things must Come to an end. The nineteenth and final season Alan DeGeneres Show It premiered on September 13. Jennifer AnistonThe 52-year-old will be the guest of the episode on September 14, and the new preview reveals her relationship with Alan DeGeneres63, burst into tears.

Jennifer Aniston burst into tears in “Allen.” (YouTube/Allen Show)

When Jennifer went out to chat with Alan, her eyes were full of tears. Jennifer and Allen are old friends, and they hug each other for a long time when they greet each other. After sitting down, Jennifer had to wipe the tears from the corners of her eyes.

“Shall I go? This shouldn’t be emotional,” Jennifer said to Allen. Morning show Star Pat her eyes with a tissue to make sure her makeup doesn’t get out of control.

Jennifer was Allen’s first guest at the premiere of the series in 2003. Over the years, Jennifer admitted that she has appeared on Allen’s show 19 times. Jen also took a moment to point out the gift she gave to Ellen 18 years ago. A carpet has been replaced with its original appearance.

Allen announced in May 2021, Her show is about to end After the 19th season. “I will stop after season 16,” she told Hollywood report. That will be my last season. They want to sign for another four years. I said I might sign for another year. They said there was no way to sign one. “We can’t do this with affiliates. TV stations need more commitment.” So, we [settled] In another three years, I know that it will be my last time. This has always been the plan. Everyone keeps saying, even if I sign,’You know, it will be 19 years old, don’t you want to be just 20 years old? This is a good number. So is 19 years old. “

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston appeared in “Ellen”. (Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.)

Allen’s final season premiere week will start with her friends Jimmy Kimmel. In addition to Jennifer and Jimmy, the stars also like Tiffany Hades, Kim Kardashian West, imagine Dragons, Charlie with Dixie Damerio Will show up.

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