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Nearly a year after Jeff Bridges revealed his lymphoma diagnosis, the “Lebowski Major” star said his cancer was “in remission,” and chemotherapy had reduced the disease to the size of a cobblestone.

“Since my last issue, a lot of things have been reduced,” Jeff Bridges Wrote in a handwritten note posted to his website on Monday (September 13). “My cancer is in remission-the 9″ x 12″ mass has shrunk to the size of a marble.” 71-year-old actor Announced in October 2020 He was diagnosed with lymphoma, but the treatment seemed very successful.this True courage The star also updated his COVID-19 fight, calling it “in the rearview mirror.”

“The COVID hit me very well,” Jeff added, “but I got the double vaccine and now feel better. I heard that the vaccine can keep people who travel long distances. Maybe this is the reason for my rapid progress.” Jeff added that he has been working with a “great therapist” and focused on “getting me out of oxygen assistance. Until recently, I had to move around.” The sound it made reminded me of Darth Wei. Up. Jeff also said that in cooperation with his “great medical team”, he was able to walk his daughter, Hayley Bridges, Walk down the aisle without oxygen. He can even dance the father/bridge dance with her, and Jeff shared a video of them cutting the carpet at her wedding.

Jeff Bridges at the Salesforce Tower concert in 2019 (Drew Altizer Photography/Shutterstock)

Jeff also links to Entry of March 28 Regarding his COVID diagnosis, this was written by him, but he didn’t want to publish it until he knew his COVID disease… On January 7, Jeff said that he received a letter from “where he received chemotherapy infusions” . Cancer,” told him that he might have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus at his joints. “Soon after, my wife, Prosecute, I share an ambulance with ICA. We all got’Rona’. “Jeff said that Sue stayed in the hospital for five days, and he stayed there for five weeks. “The reason I stayed there for so long was that my immune system was hit from chemotherapy.” My dancing with COVID makes my cancer look like a piece of cake. “

Jeff Bridges participated in the 2019 “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (Shutterstock)

“But this is a strange deal,” he added. “Although I have had moments of great pain… approaching the’Pearl Gate’, in a word, I feel happy and happy most of the time. Passing by with death has brought me a real gift: life is short And beautiful. Love is all around us, available at any time.” The old man insisted.

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