Jayda Cheaves denies endorsing anyone on Instagram

Purifying air! Jada Chevez Take the time to speak online to critics who think she is in the dark and speak for someone. Earlier today, Jada posted a photo of the fire on Ke, wearing a black tight-fitting knit dress. While some people focus on the beauty of Jayda, others focus on the title. The title of this post with more than 4,000 comments is: “The only way I can lose my position is if I don’t want it anymore.”

People on Twitter immediately thought she came to Ayesha, the mother of Lil Baby’s son Jason. One Twitter user wrote: “I like Jada, but she threw a lot of balls and then hid her hands, haha…girl, we caught that shadow.” Another Twitter user pointed out that Ayesha has been in the game recently. Dance to a lot of Baby’s music. “Lil Baby BM killed me. I always wanted to listen to his music, everywhere. Now, if I were Jada, I would broadcast them.”

Jayda went to her Instagram story to resolve the rumors in the now-deleted post. The entrepreneur, mother, and internet celebrity shared her boomerang, and she frowned. She wrote, “Who is preventing LMFAOOO from being substituted? B***h you better go onnnn with that group of bulls.” Jayda continued, “I’m not substituting for the soul of a most-favored nation. Eww I am disgusted with you even being there. The bull uses my name **t like that.”

One of the roommates commented on the post and pointed out that Ayesha has been playing Baby’s music recently since buying her a car. Now, if you remember, he bought her a Range Rover earlier this year, but the latest rumor seems to be that he gave her another car. Five days ago, Ayesha posted a photo in front of a white Corvette. In the past, Baby was found in the same car.

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