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Isabella Kidman Cruise (Isabella Kidman Cruise) shared a new photo of herself on Instagram. She looks beautiful with dark red hair and a bandanna around her neck.

Isabella Kidman CruiseOn September 24, the 28-year-old gave her Instagram fans a rare glimpse of herself. Tom Cruise, 59, and Nicole Kidman, 54, who married From 1990 to 2001, she wore a white patterned top and a red bandanna around her neck, posing for selfies. She also wore a loose red knitted hat on a crimson wavy shoulder lock, and showed the nose ring and tattoo on her upper arm.

The beauty captioned the snapshot with an emoji wearing a cowboy hat, but she received many responses, including many compliments. One fan wrote: “Bella’s hairstyle is amazing. One-third of the people also called her hair “cute”, and a fourth commented on her “glow skin.” Others commented on her “fashionable” outfits.

Before her latest selfie, Isabella shared A black and white photo She in February. Wrapped in a jacket and scarf, she was standing outside in a place that seemed to be snowing. She also wore a knitted hat and looked serious at the camera.

Isabella Kidman Cruise (Isabella Kidman Cruise) in a previous outing. (background)

Isabella, adopted by Tom and Nicole after their marriage, does not share rare selfies, but instead spends time on her impressive works of art. She often shares color photos of her work on social media, with themes always ranging from characters to fictional characters to nature and so on. She sells prints and merchandise featuring her work on her website, and has gained a considerable following because of her talent.

Like Isabella, her brother Conner, 26, is not in the spotlight most of the time, but sometimes I share Rare photos of yourselfIn April, he shared a photo that showed him and a friend holding a huge fish they caught in a day fishing. He seems to be a big fan of it. Standing on the boat in the water, he smiled as he posed for the snapshot and showed a bushy beard.

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