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The third season of “Troublesome” ended in a lot of suspense, but everyone was asking at the last moment: Will Callie leave the show? HL received an exclusive report on Season 4 from the EP of the show.

Major changes are coming So complicated Return in season 4. Yes, the Freeform series has been renewed for season 4.After the game-changing season 3 finale, fans have questions must Get an answer.

As her relationship with Gale ended, Carly questioned her career choice in a major way at the end of the episode. Mariana believes she has the upper hand in Revitalize Beauty, but is Evan opposing her? Hollywood life Exclusive conversation with executive producer Joanna Johnson About her plan for season 4 and everything that happened in the finale.

The ending of this episode left people open to the future of Callie. What is the future path for her? She seems to be at a crossroads in her life.
Joanna Johnson: She must be at a crossroads, she is really looking at her life and all the ways she derails. It’s funny if you go back to the beginning, because she was going to San Francisco to work for the liberal judge there, but she eventually accepted Wilson’s job and went to Los Angeles because Jude was at UCLA. He is underperforming and needs him. Then Mariana was like,’Well, if you’re going to Los Angeles, I’m going to Los Angeles. So there is a real pattern where Callie is blocked by what she really wants to do. She wants to work for the American Civil Liberties Union. She wanted to change the world and suddenly found out that she was a defense lawyer, so she was examining her life and future.

Is Carly staying nearby or might she leave Los Angeles?
Joanna Johnson: You know, we just need to take a look. This is a cliff with good reason.

Maia Mitchell will be back, right?
Joanna Johnson: We will see Maya Mitchell, yes.

Mariana decided to become Revitalize Beauty’s dual agent while still working at Byte Beauty. We discovered that Evan might work with Jackie. Is he trying to destroy Mariana, or is there something else we don’t know yet?
Joanna Johnson: This is really the mystery of all this. The last thing we want to see Jackie and Evan together. We haven’t seen Evan for a while since they broke up. I think the question really is, does he collude with Jackie to some extent? Is he taking revenge on Mariana? There are many things that may be. We hope that the audience is really guessing. For example, what is Evan doing? And on Marianna’s side, will Marianna agree with him? She told the girl at the Byte Club that she broke up with him and she will not carry them on her back anymore, so there are two different suspenses about this kind of thing.

Isaac returned to Malika’s life. Can you say what his reappearance in her life means to her?
Joanna Johnson: This is really a problem. I mean, you know, you know what he is. What is he doing back? He came back very late. He did not send a text message first. He just appeared. It must be something. It makes you think this is a romantic reason. People usually don’t show up late at night without texting or calling first, unless they have some emotional motivation, which may not be the case. What will Marika do? I think she has taken Dyonte very seriously. I like their chemistry. I like their relationship. She is seeing Angelica. She is exploring her sexual orientation. I think people have to remember that she said to Isaac,’Listen, if you can’t solve this problem, let’s go back to monogamy. Let us be together again as before, because I don’t want to lose you. I love you. ‘Then he left the town. He left this country. He didn’t spend much time with her. I know some people think it’s all Malika’s fault, how could she do something like that to Isaac… But I think Malika is honest about her feelings. She wants to explore this diverse relationship or other relationships, and she is honest with him. She also said,’You are my priority. I choose you first. He was injured, and from his point of view, it was completely understandable. His approach was to abandon her and leave. So she continued her life and now he is back. Would she throw away Dyonte and Angelica, but she did love him. For Malika, this is a perfect problem, but again, we don’t know if this is the reason for his return.

Gail and Carly made a difficult decision separate. He tried to focus on Isabella and the baby. He knew he couldn’t give Kylie the attention she deserved in a relationship. When it comes to Isabella and Gail, do you plan to make them friends with children, or maybe this will become something more in the future?
Joanna Johnson: I think there is always pressure, will it be easier if we are together? Gale’s family will definitely like it. This will make everything easier, but you can’t force yourself to fall in love with someone just because they are pregnant. You can’t force it, but on the other hand, I think their chemistry together is very good. Isabella seems to be healthier than when we last saw her, but you never know. She has the side we saw before, which may be two-faced and a bit ungrounded. Is she just the best? You have that kind of tension, I think it’s funny. Everything is possible. I really think they do have a chemical reaction, but does this mean romance? I have no idea. We have to take a look.

We must talk about the love triangle between Dennis, Davis and Matt. What can you make fun of about the next step in this triangle?
Joanna Johnson: Well, I hope the audience has some good feelings for Matt, because I think Matt is very cute. For Davia, he is a very good and reliable choice. With him, she feels safe. The problem is that even though Dennis has been doing his best…I think that when Dennis texted Matt saying “check in at Davia”, it was a very selfless thing. It kind of proved that he was really trying to change and put Davia in front of him. But he left, which really hurt Davia. So the question is, does she really believe him? In addition, Dennis has a lot of treatment to do. I think he has come a long way and I am very happy to see this character come back to life again. I think it’s really, really cute and beautiful. But is it enough? I think these two methods are okay. I think she can choose any one. I believe that no matter which way she goes, it makes sense.

Alice made a major decision about her love life and career. What is her trajectory in the fourth season?
Joanna Johnson: Alice has come a long way since we met her in the pilot. Alice’s trajectory has been trying to find her voice, and stand up for herself and for others as easily as possible. I think she has really grown a lot, but her old habits are hard to change. It will be a constant struggle for Alice to hold on to her position. Now they have triumphed in the diversification plan by seizing power and performing their own display, she is still very young. She must figure out her profession and what kind of comedian she wants to be. Becoming a stand-up comedy is a very bumpy road. This is not easy. I think it’s interesting when you look back at the careers of these people and how they rose.I think Lunar New Year Interlude Also brought another aspect of Alice. Not only, who is she? But what is her identity as an Asian and an Asian performer? So I think this will be the arc of her advancement. Moreover, she still loves Su Mei. Sumi has changed a lot and they are very cute together. But can she risk returning to Sumi to take a step back? I think this is the difficult part for her.

Obviously, Callie and Jamie still have feelings for each other. Is it possible to recombine in the future?
Joanna Johnson: It is always possible. The chemical reaction between Jamie and Callie and between Beau and Maia is indeed undeniable. I love them together. I like their dynamics. Now she is not with Gail. The question is, did she really forget Jamie? Did she and Jamie learn it? I think Callie understands that in the legal industry, you have to get your hands dirty. I think Jamie has learned that he doesn’t like certain unethical things that happened in the DA office, so maybe they have a better understanding of each other’s views on what they broke up in season 2.

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