India’s nickname Devin Hani is the best man in the world

love is in the air! Although Drake is the official “certified love boy”, it seems that he is not the only one sharing love on the street. Speaking of showing love to the main lady in life, Lil Durk and Devih Haney both locked PDAs. Today’s new girlfriend in German, Indian love, Made a major statement on Instagram, saying that she has the best man in the world. This is after she shared a video on her Instagram page, she was holding a large bouquet of red roses.

India continues to show off Rose and let everyone know that she is “forever DH”. The best part of this gift seems to be her gushing handwritten cards. As her story continues, “Influence” wrote: “I am very lucky.” Although people are still getting used to their relationship, the comparison with India and his ex-girlfriend Jania has not subsided. One of the roommates pointed out that he always bathed the women in his life with roses and did it for Jania on Valentine’s Day.

Jania has been dealing with her own affairs, and she seems to be indifferent to her ex’s new relationship, nor did she say anything about the breakup or India. However, this did not stop people from casting a shadow on her. Earlier today, a commenter left a message on her page and asked her why she can’t leave a man. Jania’s answer remained elegant, “If they are not here, they are not the people God wants me to be with them.” Jania’s fans immediately defended her and cheered for her in the comments. Many responded that men could not keep her.

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