Indiana women sued more than a dozen companies for discrimination for wearing masks – including CDC, Krispy Kreme, AMC Theater, and Sephora

#室友, we know that many people hate strict enforcement mask Mandatory requirements across the country-but an Indiana woman just took things to an extreme level. According to recent reports, the woman has filed a lawsuit on the grounds of discrimination in more than a dozen business premises, because she said she was discriminated against entering the enterprise for refusing to wear a mask.

@NYPost reports that Jennifer Reinoehl from Granger, Indiana recently submitted a Discrimination litigation Some of the most popular companies in the country are involved, including the Centers for Disease Control, Krispy Kreme, AMC Theater and Sephora. The lawsuit alleges that because she refused to comply with the mask regulations, the company’s policy “discriminated” her. “I was horribly discriminated against, and many shops were barred from entering. I was harassed.” The 380-page lawsuit, which also included Dr. Anthony Fauci, described Reinhall’s remarks about the forced departure. The accusation of the home agency because she did not wear a mask inside.

According to the lawsuit, one of her alleged encounters stated that she was asked to leave the AMC theater with her husband because she refused to wear a mask, but she received a refund for buying movie tickets. In addition, she also stated that for the same reason, she was barred from entering the local Sephora.

Reinhoehl claimed to have encountered a similar situation when trying to visit a local medical clinic, which refused to admit her unless she agreed to wear a mask. As for what made her decide to file such a broad lawsuit, she said it was due to her religious beliefs as a Protestant Christian. “[It was] It’s like God is guiding me,” she said.

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