Iggy Azalea hits back at the commenters who came for her son

When it comes to protecting your children from negative influences, it seems that mothers are dealing with this task all week. First, Meme O. retaliated against the commenter’s act of throwing hands at her daughter.right now Iggy Azalea Is doing the same to her son. Yesterday, after people commented on Onyx, the son of her and Playboi Carti, the rapper had to fight back against some Twitter users. He was wearing a dinosaur costume.

The user reposted a photo of Onyx wearing a dinosaur costume on the floor and wrote on Twitter: “Where is Carti? This ni**a needs to join the Royal Air Force immediately.” Iggy did not respond and immediately applauded in response. “Imagine you would bully a one-year-old kid for picking clothes by yourself.” She continued, “You will be so old-fashioned and boring. It’s really a shame.” Iggy continued to respond to Twitter users, they tried to downplay In this case, it is said that the situation is not so serious, even though Iggy tweeted otherwise. She chose violence and told the user to tell her, “Tell her damn in real life, and then find out that it is.”

Igie lets people know that she doesn’t play with her children at all. In all the commotion, Safaree offered advice to Iggy and inserted herself into the conversation. He advised her not to post her children on social media anymore, because he felt that we were living in a sick and sad world where innocent children were tainted by evil eyes.

Due to problems between him and his separated wife Erica Mena and his absence after giving birth to her premature son, some roommates felt that he was not suitable for providing parenting advice.

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