Hurricane Ida was upgraded to Category 2 because experts warned that it may soon be upgraded to life-threatening Category 4

#室友, just a few hours after the Louisiana resident was told Hurricane Ida The hurricane poses a potential hazard to the area and has now escalated its severity. According to several weather experts, Hurricane Ida has been upgraded to Category 2 and issued warnings to residents that the storm may rise to life-threatening Category 4 in the next 24 hours.

@NBCNews reports that Hurricane Ida is currently Continue its path Crossing the Gulf of Mexico and heading to the coast of Louisiana, weather experts are preparing local residents for the worst. The National Weather Service estimates that the wind speed of the storm is 100 miles per hour, as Hurricane Ida is expected to intensify rapidly and is likely to escalate from level 2 to level 4, which is dangerous and life-threatening, on Sunday night.

The National Weather Service wrote on social media: “We emphasize once again that if you are receiving an evacuation order or can leave, please leave. Destructive conditions will occur.” In the latest update earlier today, the service also Said that “preparations for the protection of life and property should be completed quickly in the warning zone in the northern Gulf Coast today.”

As we previously reported, Hurricane Ida is expected to make landfall in Louisiana on the The anniversary of Hurricane Katrina devastating the area and tragically taking many lives.

In response to the approaching storm, New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell ordered residents in low-lying areas outside the city’s dike system to evacuate immediately.

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