Howard University officially named their rebuilt Academy of Fine Arts after Chadwick Boseman

As early as May, it was announced that Howard University would name their reconstructed Academy of Fine Arts after Chadwick Boseman. Yesterday the new name of the building was officially named! !

Howard shared a video where the school’s new name was named as students entered and exited the building Said“Yesterday, these letters were installed at the now official Chadwick A. Bosman Academy of Fine Arts. He is an idol himself and has left an immeasurable legacy for the next generation. Thank you, Mr. Bosman.”

The news that the college was named after Chadwick was first announced in May.As we are Before According to reports, Howard’s principal Wayne E. Frederick said: “During his visit, I announced our plan to rebuild the Academy of Fine Arts. He was full of ideas and plans to support this work in a strong way. Chadwick’s love for Howard University is sincere. Although he did not live to see these plans come to fruition, I am honored to be assured by the Chadwick A. Bosman Academy of Fine Arts with the support of his wife and professors. His legacy continues. Chadwick Boseman Foundation.”

As early as 2000, Chadwick graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Unfortunately, he lost his battle with colon cancer when he was 43 last year. His death caused shock all over the world, because many people did not know his battle with colon cancer.

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

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