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Although Caitlin Jenner has made many achievements in her life, she is still the proud father of six children and four stepchildren. Learn more about Caitlin’s very famous family.

Her life in public view, Caitlin Jenner, 71 years old, has worn many hats and is famous in all fields.From becoming a household name Olympic gold medalist to becoming a reality show star Keep up with the Kardashians In order to become a candidate for governor of California, Caitlyn had a huge impact on the pop culture world. For many years, Caitlin’s personal life has also received public attention, especially after her gender transition in 2015.In her life, she was married three times, had six children with his wife, and from the third marriage to Chris Kardashian, 65. Although some of her children are very famous in their own ceremonies, some of Caitlin’s children keep a lower profile than others. Learn more about all of Caitlin’s children and stepchildren here.

Burt Jenner

Caitlin’s 43-year-old eldest son Bert is a professional racer. (Shutterstock)

Before the gender transition, Caitlin and Christie Kronoff, 71, from 1972 to 1981.The first son of the couple Burt, 43. Born in 1978. Burt is the father of two boys (the third child is about to be born). Jenner’s eldest son is a professional truck racer. Since his father took him to play karting as a child, he has liked racing cars, he revealed in a 2015 report Mr. Fashion contour. Although Caitlin was a superstar for most of her life, Burt insisted not to go with her father. “My dad never helped me [financially] In my life,” he told Mr. Fashion 2015. “I did this. Now I am going to sell out at 36? No one will call my father’s child.” He has his son Bodhi, 5, and William, 2. Bring a girlfriend Valerie Pitaro Who is pregnant with the third child, according to Sixth page.

Cassandra “Kathy” Marino

Caitlin and Christie’s first daughter and second child were born in June 1980. Cassandra “Kathy” Marino, 41. Probably the most private of Caitlin’s children.She married Michael Marino The couple have three children of their own Isabella, Francesca, with Luke, pass through SunAlthough Casey remained private most of the time, when her father came out as a transgender woman, she gave some interviews.She said her relationship with her Dad has improved Since he came out. “My relationship with Caitlin is much better than with Bruce, but we still have a lot of work to do,” she told people 2016. “We haven’t spoken for several years, and now we meet and talk on the phone every few weeks, I’m very grateful.”

Brandon Jenner

Caitlin’s 40-year-old son Brandon is a successful musician. (Shutterstock)

After Caitlin and Christie divorced, the Olympian married an actress and singer Linda Thompson 71. Linda gave birth to the couple’s first son in 1981 Brandon, 40, in June 1981.Like his half-sister, Brandon said that his relationship with him Dad has improved Since she came out as a woman.In his 2020 memoir, Brandon wrote that he had only seen his father—and then Bruce Jenner – depending on Six times from 8 to 25 years oldBrandon followed in the footsteps of his mother’s music and became an accomplished person Singer and songwriter. His most recent release was the July single “Save the Last Dance for Me”.Before starting his personal career, he and his ex-wife had a band Leah Jenner (nee field), Who also shared a daughter Eva with.he Have twins With his current wife Kelly Stock.

Brody Jenner

38-year-old Brody Jenner supported his father when she won the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the 2015 ESPY Awards. (Shutterstock)

Caitlin and Linda’s second son Brody, 38 years old, born in August 1983.Jenner’s youngest son started his reality show career in 2005 and became Prince of Malibu, Two years ago Keep up with the Kardashians It began to air in 2007.Reality TV stars are also outdated Hills Star Lauren Conrad In 2007, he came back and restarted Hill: a new beginning In 2019.Brody is Short marriage arrive Caitlin Carter But the two separated in 2019.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall, 25, and Kylie, 24, also went to ESPYs in 2015 to support their father. (Shutterstock)

Caitlin and Linda divorced in 1986, and the future governor candidate married Chris Jenner (nee Kardashian) year 1991. The couple got married until Caitlin transitioned in 2015. Since her third marriage, Caitlin has two daughters.Kriszen Kendall, November 25, 1995. As an adult, Kendall has become a fashion icon and reality show star since her appearance. KUWTK. In addition to fashion and reality shows, Kendall also demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit by establishing a wine brand The skinny secret of him and her Podcast…Although Caitlin and Kendall obviously have a strong connection, her father has Admit she is closer With her sister Kelly, 24. “Kendall and I have a lot in common,” Caitlin said in an interview in January The skinny secret of him and her podcast. “She is very athletic. We both have similar attitudes towards life and get along well. But Kendall is not doing her own thing.”

Kylie Jenner

Caitlin, 71, walks with her 25-year-old daughter Kendall and 24-year-old Kelly. (SHADY / BACKGRID)

Chris gave birth to Caitlin’s youngest biological daughter Kelly, 24. August 1997.Like Kendall, the youngest Jenner also appeared in Kutke. In addition to reality shows, Kelly also demonstrated her keen business acumen by launching her own reality show Beauty brand Kelly cosmetics. Kylie has been dating the rapper Travis Scott 30 years old, starting in 2017, the two have a daughter Stormy Webster 3. Together.The couple announced that they have a Second child on the road September 2021.Kelly seems to be very close to her father, the two often have have a meal together.

Courtney Kardashian

The Kardashian sisters—Courtney, 42, Kim, 40, and Kohler, 37—have all become stepdaughters when Caitlin married their mother Chris. (Shutterstock)

After marrying Chris, Caitlin also received four stepchildren from the entertainment tycoon’s marriage Robert Kardashian. Chris’ eldest daughter Courtney Kardashian, 42, born in 1979. Kourtney has three children of her own mason, 11. Penelope 9, and rule, 6. With her predecessor Scott Disco. Although Courtney is currently Dating Blink 182 Drummer Travis BarkerCaitlin is the voice supporter of his stepdaughter Reunion In an interview with her predecessor in September 2020.

Kim Kardashian

The second daughter of Chris and his late ex-husband is Kim Kardashian, 40 years old, born in October 1980. KUWTK, The reality star and beauty icon has many other business investments, including her businesses KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrances.She also married a rapper Kanye West They separated from 2014 to January 2021. She has four children, Jesus Rapper: North, 8, Holy, 5. Chicago, 3, and Psalms, 2. In recent years, Kim has become more active politically, but don’t expect her to run for stepfather anytime soon.Caitlin revealed in an interview in May 2021 that she asked her children to Not promote her campaign On social media.

Kohler Kardashian

Chris’ third daughter Kohler, 37. Born in June 1984.Like her sisters, she is KUWTKIn addition to her most famous reality show series, Khloé has done a lot of work on TV, appearing in other games and reality shows, such as Celebrity Apprentice Co-hosted in 2009 with X factor 2012.She also hosted the show Cocktail with Khloé with Revenge on the body Kohler KardashianKolehaA daughter real, 3. With her intermittent boyfriend, NBA player Tristan Thompson. Khloé seems to be very close to her stepfather Defend her, When she allegedly dated Sophia Hutchins, 25, who is almost 50 years younger Be Caitlin.

Robert Kardashian

Chris’ only son Rob Kardashian, 34 years old, born in March 1987.Named after his father, Rob also appeared in KUWTK. He has a daughter Dream Renee, 4. With ex-girlfriend Blake ChinerWhen Caitlyn came out as a transgender, Rob immediately expressed his support in a tone. Twitter in 2015Although they were initially supportive, the two seemed to be estranged.Caitlin said she didn’t “with [Rob] Year,” in an episode of 2017 landscape, pass through with.

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