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In a new Oprah interview, Will Smith shared some private details of his marriage to Jada Pinkett-Smith, revealing whether he and his partner of over 25 years have disclosed their relationship.

Will Smith, 53, frankly Oprah Winfrey, 67, Friday, answer some sharp questions about his long-term unconventional marriage Jada Pinkett-Smith, 50. Fans have been questioning since Jada admitted for some time Sexual relationship with August AlsinaAt the age of 29 last year, Will also revealed He was unfaithful beforeOprah handed Will to her AppleTV+ task on November 5th Oprah Dialogue Series, interviews with movie stars to promote his new memoirs, thinkRise.

“We realized that it is an illusion that we can make each other happy,” Will said of his marriage to Jada-the union they started when they got married in 1997. “We agree that she must make myself happy, and I must make myself happy. Then we have to return ourselves to an already happy relationship-instead of asking another person to empty us the glass.”

this Aladdin The star admits that when he and Jada pursue this new, unconventional journey of happiness, it is more “controversial” for him. “[I said] “Go and see if you can be happy, and then prove to me that it is even possible.” I will be me and you will be you. “

In his book, Will writes “The Power of Love in Freedom”, acknowledging that he and his wife are “Two imperfect people“Who is trying”Figure out how to live happily in this world. “Oprah then presses Man in black Star explains what “love freedom” means and whether it shows that he and Jada are in an open relationship.

“Except for your partner, you are free to love with everyone,” Will said, explaining how people tend to give more space in friendship or parent-child relationships rather than restrictive marriages. For him and Jada, he said this was a “friendship and marriage prison”, which made Oprah ask him if it meant they could have other sexual partners. “So we talk about everything,” he shared. “I think the difficulty people encounter and the difficulty of discussion is that people only think from a sexual perspective.”

He added, “People are trying to put something on it:’Will and Jada – What do they do with others? “Will and Jada didn’t do much,”” He laughed at this speculation. “Will and Jada are on a spiritual journey to purify the poisonous and ruthless part of our hearts.We are doing Together In any case, in this life. “

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith arrive
“Gemini Man” film premiere, Los Angeles, 2019. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

Will also revealed that after one night Drinking ayahuasca and questioning, “Do I have to get married? What is it?” He sees Jada as soil and himself as a seed. He saw God’s hand putting them together, and a beautiful tree grew from it.This vision makes Suicide Squad The actor starts to think His collaboration with Jada Have a “The fruitful interaction is designed to feed the people around us. Whether I like our interaction or not, I begin to feel in my heart that we are together special. We are forgiven by the universe.”

He added: “I haven’t talked about this issue publicly.”

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