Halle Berry revealed that she broke two ribs while filming her new movie “Bruise” and chose not to stop production

Talk about overcoming pain literally to get the job done!Halle Berry’s new film “Scarred” is finalized Netflix November 24. Not only is she the star of this movie, this movie will also serve as her directorial debut.She sat down recently Entertainment Weekly Talking about the new project, she plays MMA fighter Jackie Justice in it.

When talking about the upcoming movie, she revealed that she actually broke two ribs on the first day of filming, but decided to continue production. It is understood that she had broken two ribs during the filming of “John Wick 3” before, but on the first day of filming “Scarred”, she broke two ribs, which are completely different ribs.

She talked about the difference between breaking a rib during the filming of “John Wick 3” and breaking a rib during the filming of “Scarred”, and said: “I told the director and they told the insurance company. We had to close a few Months, it’s a big test. At this point, because it’s an independent film, we don’t have much budget. The director in my heart said, “I’m not here and work hard to go home. ‘”

Fighting choreographer and stunt coordinator Eric Brown talked about the rest position and said it was “a kind of crazy injury. But it’s just her intensity… Halle is a special case. I have worked with many actors, but Almost no one has that kind of professional ethics.”

Halle talked about her excitement about the film and revealed that the film has been in production for three years. She said: “This project is very special to me, not only because it is my directorial debut, but also because fighting games—especially mixed martial arts—is a sport I like very much, and it’s a sport that I have been winning. type.”

The film was originally made for Blake Lively, and Nick Cassavetes will be the director. However, once she rejected the film, Halle went to the producer Basil Iwanyk and put forward her thoughts on the film. He liked her idea and asked her to go to the director. In the end, Halle realized that she was the right person to turn her idea of ​​the movie into reality.

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

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