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Two words: blonde beauty! When Hailee Steinfeld appeared at the Met Gala in such a beautiful posture, it was difficult for you to look away from her.

There are so many fashionable people attending With the gala, Sometimes it is difficult to stand out.However, this has never been a problem Hailee Steinfeld, She made this very clear at the 2021 event on September 13th. First, she dyed her gorgeous black hair into platinum and cut her long hair into a bob. drama! Then, her makeup theme is to make her glow, even her eyebrows are slightly white, just to make her everything match her clothes. And that dress! OMG!

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When Hailee arrived at the Met Gala, she looked different from the world. Her Iris Van Herpen autumn 2021 haute couture mini dress was draped with delicate heavenly lace wings. The bold and daring style gave her a change, showing off her legs for a few days, and achieving an elegant effect from head to toe! In short, your girl Hayley always understands the task!If this is her audition for Tinker Bell in the live-action version Peter Pan, The role should be hers!

At the last Met Gala in 2019, Hailee wore a personal product from Viktor & Rolf. Statement-The slogan “Please don’t take pictures” is sewn on the ground-length rainbow-colored tulle dress, which is ironic, because the metropolis is basically a place to take pictures! Despite this, the person dressed up turned his head, just like the dress she chose for the 2021 event. In short, Hayley delivered it year after year.

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For Ms. Stanfield, what kind of year 2021 will be.It opens with her acclaimed Peabody Award winning Apple TV+ series Dickinson Return its second season. Delayed due to the pandemic, it is now possible to determine the third and Last season This much-loved show will be aired in November this year to get close to the creators Elena SmithBoldly retell the life and work of Emily Dickinson.

But Hailey’s fans don’t have to wait too long to see her on TV again.In just a few weeks after Dickinson’s final season aired, the first season Hawkeye Will premiere on Disney+.Hayley joins the now growing list of the next generation The Avengers As Kate Bishop, he will cooperate with the aforementioned Hawkeye Clint, picking up bows and arrows to stop the evil forces. Or maybe an evil force? All we know is that it is set for Christmas time, and that is all we need to know, frankly.

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