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Everyone seems to be fascinated by the first red carpet photos of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez-even his predecessor, Gwyneth Paltrow. Look at her comment!

Gwyneth Paltrow Reacted to the stunning photos of her predecessor Ben Affleck, 49, let him rekindle with Jennifer Lopez, 52, the official red carpet!Two people go out Venice Film Festival Premiere on September 10 Ridley Scottof Final duel, Ben and his childhood friend co-authored and starred Matt DamonThe 48-year-old Goop founder dated Ben in the early 2000s and was one of thousands of people commenting on these photos. Under a photo posted by Jen’s stylist, he wrote: “Okay. , This is cute” Mariel Hein.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Photo: Baron Matt/Shutterstock

As fans know, Gwyneth is actually the CEO who maintains a good relationship with her predecessor. After breaking up with her ex-husband, she promoted the term “conscious decoupling”, Coldplay Lead singer Chris MartinAt 44 years old, she has been in close contact with her for many years.

Before getting married, Gwyneth met Ben at a party in 1997 and began dating later that year.The two co-starred in the 1998 movie Shakespeare in love At the same time I love myself very much.Sadly, they broke up when she won the game Best Actress Oscar The 1999 movie was widely acclaimed, but she thanked her “friend” Ben in her acceptance speech.The two rekindled their romance in the 2000 drama film bounce, But it ended at the end of 2000.

Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow. Photo: Bei/Shutterstock

Over the years, Gwyneth has hinted that there was a problem that caused them to break up. In 2003, she told Diane Sawyer, “Ben Make your life difficult. He has many complications, you know, he is really a great person. So I hope he can take care of himself. ”She appeared in 2015 Howard Stern Show, Said, “He is not suitable for having a girlfriend in his life,” although she added that he is “very smart and really very talented.”

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