Game Of Thrones: Arya, Sansa and Bran Reunited, a Great Moment for Fans

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: The fans are finally happy after this Sunday Game of Thrones (GOT) episode as most expected reunion finally achieved and most of them got emotional on seeing the episode. Both the Stark sisters has changed tremendously compared to their past. Arya now became a trained killer and Sansa changed her mind about love, royalty marriage life.

Arya and Sansa reunited is an awesome?moment in yesterday’s GOT episode. ?They were separated at a point when they hadn’t formed an adult bond with each other, and now they are reuniting after a really long time. Sansa is in charge of North and still she is trying very hard to stay steps ahead of Littlefinger whereas Arya is now a trained killer and she can’t live that life under Sansa. Arya escaped from the death many times so far.

Game of Thrones

The hate towards?the Lannister family remains same on Sansa and Arya, but they both have a different approach on taking revenge. Even though their track is different, the goal is same. So it will tie them together for sure.

Without any doubt Game of Thrones is going to be very thrilling in the upcoming episodes as there are three Starks in Winterfell now and things are about to get really interesting in the North.

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