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Gabrielle Union wore only a pair of underwear while dancing in the window of an apartment in New York City and publicly stated that he was “vulnerable.”

Gabriel Union48 years old, offers the “feel of dancing cricket” in a funny new Instagram video.The actress is releasing a book titled Do you have something stronger? , This video was shared on September 19. The video showed her dancing in the window of an apartment in New York City, wearing only a pair of black underwear. “It gives a strong cricket dance atmosphere,” she wrote in the title. “But when people ask what it feels like to be so open and fragile… it’s here.”

She continued, “But seriously, if you ever felt that you might die of humiliation, then vulnerability can be a challenge, but let me tell you that it is actually freedom. Peace and joy can coexist with vulnerability.” A few days ago, Gabby revealed that when she learned of her husband, her soul had been “broken”. Dwyane WadeAt the age of 39, he had a child with another woman.

“Dwyane’s experience of giving birth so easily-and I couldn’t-not only shattered my soul into pieces, but also shattered into fine dust scattered in the wind,” she wrote in a letter. From her book, Sharer time Magazine September 10.Pregnancy news Smash thoroughly this bring it on Actress, because she was undergoing IVF treatment.

Gabriel Union. Photo: MediaPunch/Shutterstock

“In 2013, before we got married, Dwyane gave birth to a child with another woman. Needless to say, we were not in a good situation when we were pregnant with that child.” The fans all know that Dwyane gave birth. a child only Metoje, An “old friend”.Two people welcome Xavier, Now 7 years old.

The author wrote: “I was destroyed for convenience. Pick a word on the low shelf.” “Some people — strangers I will never meet — feel that I have not talked about that trauma before. Uneasy. I have no words. Even after countless treatments, I am not sure if I have them now.”

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