G Herbo shares his future plan to marry Taina Williams and become a full-time dad (video)

After G Herbo was asked if he planned to marry his girlfriend Taina Williams, his dimples were fully displayed! According to Revolt, the pair recently had a son named Essex who began dating in January 2019. The rapper told Streetz 94.5 FM that he is “definitely” going to marry Taina and hopes to spend his days on his father’s duties, learning cooking and traveling!

“I won’t lie, I will definitely get married soon,” he told the hosts Fly Guy DC and MiAsia Symone when he sat down for an interview. “I want to marry a man.”

G Herbo said that Taina and him have been talking! However, he shared that he did not want to get married too early, especially when he was still chasing his dreams. He clarified that he did not want to be the husband who neglected his family because of his career.

“I don’t want to have to go to clubs, perform, and touring after a young marriage…leave the family,” he said. “I don’t want to procrastinate at the end of the day.”

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