Former Georgia District Attorney Jackie Johnson indicted for misconduct in the Ahmed Abery case

On Thursday, former Georgia District Attorney Jackie Johnson was indicted by a grand jury for using her position to protect those who killed Ahmed Abery.

according to NBC NewsGeorgia’s Attorney General Chris Carr announced that Johnson had been indicted for breaching his oath of office and preventing police officers from participating in the investigation of the murder of Ahmad Arbery. She was accused of supporting Greg McMichael, who was an investigator who worked for her.

The indictment also stated that she hired Waycross Judicial Circuit District Attorney George E. Barnhill to handle the case, but did not disclose that she had previously asked him to assist in Arbery’s investigation before stepping down.

She was also accused of “showing goodwill and affection towards Greg McMichael during the investigation” and allegedly “interfering with two policemen by instructing that Travis McMichael should not be arrested”.

As previously reported, Ahmad Arbery was shot and killed by McMichaels while jogging in February last year. The murder was photographed by William “Rody” Bryan with a camera.Do not arrest Until May of last year. Since then, the three men have been charged with felony murder. Since then, they have not pleaded guilty.

High Court Justice Timothy Wormsley recent Announced that the defense cannot use Ahmed’s past during the McMichaels trial scheduled to begin next month. The judge said: “In a murder trial, the character of the victim is neither relevant nor acceptable.”

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

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