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Follow in the footsteps of mother! At the About You show in Berlin, Germany, Leni Klum looked very confident when she swaggered on the runway.

Heidi Klumof daughter Lenny Super model in production!All eyes are on 17 years old When she appeared confidently at the About You Fashion Show on Saturday, September 11th in Berlin, Germany. Spitting pictures A streetwear-inspired suit based on her iconic mother, including a nude crop top inspired by SKIMS, a pair of cream track pants and a matching hoodie over her shoulder.

Leni Klum walks the show for the brand About You in Berlin. (Action News/Shutterstock)

She wore stretch cream short boots, matched with evening makeup and hair, which made her casual outfit look very charming.Lenny Flavio Briatore But by seal, Shook her hair and combed it back, looking very damp. She uses her shiny, super hydrated skin and slightly shiny nude lips to maintain this atmosphere. Before the event, Leni wore the same ensemble that she repeated while posing for the photographer.

Lenny Klum
Leni chose a style inspired by street style, with a nude crop top and cream track pants. (Action News/Shutterstock)

Despite her young age, Leni has set many career highs: she let her Fashion Debut on joint cover On the German version of the brand with her mother Heidi in December 2020. The mother and daughter wore slightly large colored suits to pay tribute to the late 80s and early 90s. Heidi kissed the eldest daughter’s cheek sweetly, and Lenny stared at the camera confidently, posing as her best model.A few months later, the teenager appeared alone on the cover of Germany charm -It may just be the beginning of many covers in the future.

Lenny Klum
Someone saw Leni Klum model a blue mini dress. (Manuele Mangiarotti/IPA/Shutterstock)

As part of Heidi and Laine Fashion Characteristics, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel I wrote a letter to my daughter, which was full of suggestions for her to pursue a career as a model. Heidi described the teenager as “a truly great person with your heart in the right place” and urged her to “always take what I have given you in the past 16 years… for the sake of life It’s also for very small decisions.” She added, “Even if you often don’t want to listen to your mother’s clever advice, here is another suggestion: never do what you don’t want to do, always follow your instincts .”

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