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We are here now, entertaining us. Thirty years ago today, Nirvana released “Nevermind”. Here are some facts about this landmark album that you may not know.

Rock music has changed thirty years ago today. September 24, 1991, Nirvana Released the second album, It’s ok. Band- Kurt Cobain, Christ Novoselik, with Dave Groer – Will become one of the most outstanding groups in the world and help usher in the golden age of alternative rock. Although Kurt’s tragic suicide in 1994 shortened the band’s tenure, It’s ok Three years later, it continued to have a profound impact on music.

Nirvana was originally formed in the early 1980s when Kurt and Christ-two high school friends in Aberdeen, Washington-formed a band that blended punk, garage and metal voice. Eventually the sound called “grunge” will be included in their first album in 1989, bleach, On sub-pop music. The songs “About a Girl”, “Mr. Moustache” and “Paper Cuts” have received some positive reviews from critics despite their poor sales. It was subsequent works that turned Nirvana into a household name and an indisputable legend in the music industry.

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As It’s ok Celebrate the 30th anniversary of its founding (you will see A special reissue that contains “A total of 94 audio and video tracks (70 previously unreleased) will be available in configurations ranging from Super Deluxe Edition to standard digital/CD and with an extra 7-inch single disc vinyl record”), here is what you might know Some facts are not known about this album.

Nirvana It’s ok: You should know

Original album title sheep.

The word “nevermind” is synonymous with GenX, which is a generation related to disillusionment, depression, and anxiety.It’s hard to imagine that this epoch-making album will be called anything else, but there was a time Kurt named Nirvana’s subsequent works differently. bleach. While working on the band’s second-year album, Kurt drew models of promotional materials in his diary. New statesman“Nirvana. Flowers. Perfume. Candy. Puppy. Love. Generations are united. And kill your parents. Sheep.” Kurt added: “36 consecutive times ranked number one in the top 100 singles… …Appeared on the cover of Bowling Stoned twice and was hailed by Thyme & Newsweak as our most thought-provoking and important band in the past decade.”

“We thought about calling it a sheep,” bassist Krist Novoselic said. Spin“Because we are too cynical.”

It’s ok The cover comes from Cobain’s fascination with childbirth in the water.

Kurt’s diary also detailed his fascination with childbirth and pregnancy. The cover and title of the band’s third album, In the wombTo show this. According to reports, after watching a documentary about childbirth in water with Dave Grohl, Kurt wanted to put a photo of childbirth in water on the cover. Rolling StoneHowever, the record company Geffen Records thinks it is too imagery. Thus, a follow-up plan was born.

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Baby in It’s ok The cover is named Spencer Eldon.

Hire Geffen Records Kirk Wedel, An advertising photographer who specializes in underwater work, shoots another cover. “At the time, I mainly photographed cars-brochures and the like. I didn’t even know about Nirvana. Kurt originally wanted a shot of a child born underwater, but Geffen thought it was a bit extreme. I’m not sure about the chase. Is the dollar bill a kind of digging into the label, but it looks like this,” Wedel said. Spin.

Wade borrowed Spencer Eldon, Was the four-month-old son of a family friend at the time, for filming. Kirk said: “We originally shot Spencer-a dunk, a light push, bang bang-that’s it, half a roll of film.” However, he felt guilty about doing so little work, so He went to a school that taught babies to swim. He offered parents $50 to try their children, and $200 if the child was selected as a model. “This girl is like a machine-can’t walk, can’t talk, but she can only drive underwater. The tag said after seeing the photo, “We want d-ck, we want d-ck. “It’s weird,” Wedel said. “I don’t know who that girl is or where she is now. I want to know what happened to that little girl.”

Yes Nirvana The baby is almost female. I don’t know if she will sue bands, photographers and record companies in 2021, like Spencer did. Although street artist Spencer has accepted the title of “Nevermind Baby” in the past, his lawsuit cited years of emotional distress and claimed that the photo constituted child pornography.

Most songs are completed within a week.

Nirvana released Bleach through Sub Pop Records in June 1989. Although this album was not commercially successful, it caused a sensation among the band. Sub Pop connects Nirvana with the producer Butchvig (Who will help form Rubbish Mid-1990s). In April 1990, the band began producing early versions of songs (such as “Polly” and “Lithium”) at Smart Studios in Vig, Madison, Wisconsin.

The album was postponed due to summer tour, lineup changes, and record company changes. In the 1990s, Sub Pop was looking for distribution agreements with major record companies. Nirvana decided that if their independent label wanted professional help, they might as well sign a professional contract.With help Sonic Youth, Nirvana opened for them during the 1991 summer tour. The band was able to sign with Geffen Records and DGC Records every time Rolling stone.

In June 1991, the band basically Re-record song It’s ok Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, California. It took about a week to rehearse and record the record. It was mastered in August and released in September.

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Dave Grohl is not the drummer of every track.

Lineup changes contributed to It’s ok Delay?drummer Chad Channing Who is bleach, Leaving the band after a summer tour in 1990.In the same year, the hardcore punk band Scream Disbanded. Their drummer? Dave Grohr. Dave joined the band and became their fifth and last drummer, and in It’s ok -But not all. The track “Polly” was used in the Smart Studios meeting, and Channing’s drums were intact. He was not recognized in the original version.

The vocal layering was influenced by the Beatles and John Lennon.

Compared with Nirvana’s first album, It’s ok Cleaner and easier to use for the public.One of these elements is Kurt’s two-track vocals, each Rolling Stone, This is the idea of ​​producer Butch Vig.Vigor Citation the Beatles Producer George Martin And how he layered John Lennon’s The human voice adds a fuller and richer feeling to the song. At first, Kurt “was unwilling to do this because he thought it sounded false,” Wig said, but after telling Kurt that John Lennon did it, he “has done it to almost everyone after that. The sound has been double tracked”.

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It’s ok The biggest hit was attributed to Disco and Riot Grrl.

thanks It’s ok Success and influence on pop culture, Dave Grohl’s status as a drummer has been elevated to the status of a “rock demigod”, but he will be the first to tell you that he is a “basic” drummer. In fact, he said in an interview in 2021 (“I am the most basic fucking drummer”) Pharrell Williams, Every SpinDave also revealed that he found an unlikely source of inspiration for his drum section. It’s ok.

“If you listen It’s ok,“He said, “I learned from Gap zone with Cameo with [Chic’s] Tony Thompson In every song. Dave patted his knee, applauded for the opening of “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” and then said, “All of this…that’s the old discotheque!” “

Although David drums the song from the disco, the title-“Smells Like Teen Spirit”-comes from Catherine Hana, riot grrl pioneer lead singer Bikini killThe two bands-Nirvana and Bikini Kill-are closely related.Kurt even dated with a bikini killing Tobyville At one point.

“I remember that night,” Catherine told Double J About the inspiration behind one of grunge’s hottest singles. “We just went out to play and got drunk. At Olympia’s grocery store, Toby and I were like’Ewww, look at this, it’s crazy! It’s called adolescent spirit! We laughed and said, “Your arms smell Like adolescent spirit” or something. We are all joking because the name looks funny. I mean, who named a deodorant of adolescent spirit?”

That night, Catherine ended up hanging out with Kurt and Dave. They were drunk and “smashed everything in Kurt’s room”. In the frenzy, Catherine grabbed a Sharpie marker and wrote the immortal words on the wall-“Kurt smells like youth spirit”. Obviously, Kurt found this very inspiring, and he reached out to her, hoping to use it. “He called and asked me,” she said. “I was like’Of course. I don’t know why you call a song like that. But it’s good. I just think it’s weird.”

Fun fact: Kurt didn’t know that Teen Spirit was a deodorant.He learned the truth Rear The song was released.

It’s okay no Great success-at first.

Nirvana and DGC release It’s ok September 24, 1991. It sold 6,000 copies in the first week and ranked 144th on the Billboard 200.The top album of the week belongs to Gun and rose,who Use your illusion I with Use your illusion II They occupy the 2nd and 1st positions respectively.The rest of the top 5 includes Garth Brooks (Ropin’ wind), Mariah Carey (mood), with Metal, Their album of the same name will be called “The Black Album”.

However, it didn’t take long It’s ok To gain traction. In October, it was certified as Gold by RIAA. In November 1991, Nirvana went on a six-week European tour, and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” received a large number of radio shows (and the video is continuously rotating on MTV.)

The pop music has undergone a sea-shaking change. Grunge and alternative pop music, Nirvana is known as the spokesperson of a generation. It’s ok Finally topped the bulletin board on January 11, 1992 Michael Jackson dangerous As the first.The next week belongs to Gas Brooks, his Ropin’ wind Not seated It’s ok (The album will be number one again in February.)

Since its release, Nirvana has received RIAA diamond certification. April 2021, it’s in week 520 billboard 200, becoming the seventh album in history to do this.It joined a club which included Pink Floyd The dark side of the moon, Bob Marley and the Howler legend, Journey The hottest song of the journey, Metallica’s album of the same name, Guns and roses The most popular song, with Eminem Curtain Call: Top Songs (HT Forbes).

Kurt Cobain in 1993 (Shutterstock)

It’s okay ANirvana was almost broken.

Until 1991, Nirvana distributed everything equally to the band members.However, with success It’s okAccording to a lengthy post, Kurt decided he should get more money because he wrote most of the songs Ultimate guitar. The quarrel almost disbanded the band, and then Ultimate guitar Claiming that the band decided to let Dave and Krist get 12.5% ​​of royalties from only 11 songs (there are 12 songs in the album, 13 if you count the hidden “Endless, Nameless”), Kurt gets the rest. Nirvana’s royalty situation has been a hotly debated issue, especially after Kurt’s death in 1994. Courtney Love Many complaints were filed against other members of the band, including the June 2021 post (h/t new media) She claimed that Dave Grove “enriched” herself through “Kurt’s wealth and Kurt’s goodwill.”

Despite the initial conflict, the band continued.Nirvana release In the womb September 1993. It achieved important commercial success at the time and continues to be hailed as a classic.Similarly, you can find It’s ok In many “greatest albums of all time” lists, its influence can still be felt thirty years later.

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