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The 6th season premiere of “Masked Singer” is coming soon, and HollywoodLife will exclusively showcase one of its new costumes: Skunk!

When the skunk steps onto the stage, get ready for a wave of glamour Masked singer! Hollywood life You can exclusively announce that Skunk is the new costume of Season 6, and we have your first photo of a fashionable Skunk! The charming skunk wears a black velvet dress with white fur details.

Check out the new Season 6 costume exclusively-Skunk! (Fox)

The Skunk has some competition this season. Previously announced costumes include Dalmatians, cupcakes, hamsters, mallards, queen of hearts, bulls, beach balls, babies, octopuses and clowns.Masked singer continues Put on a costume To a whole new level.

The series added some changes and twists in the sixth season. The contestants will be divided into two groups (A and B) and they will compete until only one person is left standing. Then, the finalists of Group A and the finalists of Group B will face masks in the final championship finals.

Masked singer Also launched the Take It Off buzzer in Season 6. team member – Zheng Ken, Robin Sigg, Jenny McCarthy, or Nicole Scherzinger -If they are sure that they know who the person on the stage is, they can hit the ball at any time in each group match. If they are right, the celebrity must immediately remove the mask and withdraw from the game. If they are wrong, the celebrity will not lift the veil, and it will have terrible Golden Ear trophy consequences for group members.

Participants in Season 6 received a total of 85 Grammy nominations and 27 victories, 3 Oscar nominations, 12 Emmy nominations, 12 Razzie Award nominations, 2 Super Bowl appearances, and 2 lifetime achievement awards . Contestants this season are piling up!

Masked singer
The Masked Singer crew: Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Nick Cannon, Jenny McCarthy and Robin Thicke. (Fox)

Masked singer A two-night premiere event will be held on FOX on September 22nd and September 23rd at 8pm! After the FOX NFL doubles match on Sunday at 8pm on September 12, you will also receive a 30-minute trailer for the new season, including the final costume announcement.

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