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Kelsey Asbille told HL that the recent attack on the Duttons would have “real consequences” for Monica and Tate. In our exclusive interview, she laughed at her expectations for the fourth season of “Yellowstone Stimulus”.

Yellowstone return Season 4 On November 7th, things started in the finale of Season 3.Monica and Tate at the ranch Trying to reach safety When the attacker came to them. Hollywood life Specifically with Kelsey Asper On how Monica will deal with the recent chaos with the Dutton family.

“I think the only idea in her mind is Tate, how can I get him out of here,” Kelsey said Hollywood life At the press conference of the show. “We started from where we stopped last time, and the opening was so intense, it also had a real impact on Monica and Tate.”

Kelsey Asbir played Monica in the season 4 premiere. (Paramount Networks)

Over the years, the mother and son have witnessed their fair chaos. Tate was kidnapped by the Baker brothers at the end of season 2. Tate was rescued, but the kidnapping was a traumatic moment for this young man. After the recent situation once again put her son in danger, Kelsey admitted, “She’s done… I think what she saw in him was the same. She saw Dutton come out, which was true for her. It’s scary. She has always been a person who fights for her family. She wants to be a good mother, so this is really a turning point, she’s like, I’m out.”

In the finale of Season 3, Case found himself in a shootout.John Dutton is Fend for themselves After being shot, he was on the side of the road, and Beth was killed. Their fate remains unknown in Season 4.

Kayce with Monica and Tate in the third season. (Paramount Networks)

“I think this definitely opened a new chapter for Monica and Tate,” Kelsey mocked the aftermath of the attack. “It brought its own crazy suspense at the end of the season.” She also pointed out, “She has something unexpected but also very interesting. It shows another side to Monica that we have never seen before. .” Yellowstone It will be broadcast continuously on Paramount Network at 8pm on November 7th.

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