Erica Mena wears a bikini (Erica Mena) shows off her pregnant body in a bikini (Bikini), and fans think it is suitable for her husband Safaree

Despite the recent uproar with her husband Safaree, who has separated from her recently, Erica Mena seems to be insisting on these days.

After letting fans know that their newborn son was just a week later Neonatal intensive care unit Although Safaree was out for alleged cheating and parties, Erica is showing people that she did a great job on her Instagram.

The former video vixen posted that she recovered her figure after pregnancy in a flimsy bikini, showing off her curves and embracing her stretch marks.

This sexy photo is accompanied by a mysterious message. Fans must believe that it is aimed at Safari, who continues to drag his way of treating Erica on social media.

She wrote: “Fumbling for bags doesn’t always mean money. You are also groping for valuable people.”

Although Erica has won the sympathy of many people in the past few weeks, when a crazy rumor Accused Erica of harassing her predecessor Can Santana online Surfaced from a fake page. The page in question was later changed to Erica’s son’s name, thus linking the fake account with Erica.

This allegation can be resolved in the radio program recently. You can watch it below:

At that time, public opinion once again had an impact on Erica, and fans were not satisfied with her alleged behavior.

“GIrlgo apologizes to Cynic. Because it is obvious that theban fumbled there,” a roommate wrote.

“We still want to know why you made that fake page to talk about sh*t? We won’t forget Hush. Please explain?” another asked.

No matter what happens, we only hope that Erica and Safaree can find a better place for their children. We will inform you in time.

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