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Now that Andy Cohen has confirmed that she will reunite with “RHONY”, Ebony K. Williams is sharing what she hopes to achieve in the annual special.

Ebony K. Williams Feels “great” now Andy Cohen Confirmed that there will be a reunion Real Housewives of New York City This season. Fans worry that there will be no reunion this season, because it is usually filmed before the end of the season, and the 13th season is over-but now that it has officially happened, Eboni is very excited.

“I think after a season of many opinions and opinions, if there is no reunion, it will be a missed opportunity, right? That’s the purpose of the reunion, to put everything on the table,” Ebony told Hollywood life In an exclusive interview with IG Live on September 13. “I have feelings and ideas. I am sure that my actors have feelings and ideas. I think this will be a fantastic reunion.”

But don’t expect Eboni to be angry with anyone when the cast is reunited. “I don’t really fight. It’s really not my jam,” she said. “I look forward to hearing [their] Thoughts and opinions-probably the most important Luan [de Lesseps], [though], Because we have had the least exchanges since the show was broadcast, I want to say. “

After Megan McCain’s departure, Ebony K. Williams was recently selected as the guest host of “The View.” (Good job)

When asked if she will return in the next season, Eboni Guest host landscape Soon, tell us, “We know what’s going on, right? First, the network has to decide who they want to invite, and I’m pretty sure this will be after the reunion. Then, once they make a decision For those of us who are lucky enough to make a new decision, we can make a decision. Does it make sense? I’m just a person who makes decisions around meaningful things. What do I think is meaningful? What does it matter to my business decisions? Meaning, because I am a business woman. Frankly speaking, it has meaning for my personal life and financial goals.”

No specific time has been disclosed yet Ronnie The actors will be filming and reuniting, so the show is currently off the air.

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