Due to the deaths of five children, a community came together

Last Saturday, a mother in East St. Louis let her five children rest in peace. These children were between 2 and 9 years old. They were unfortunately killed in an apartment fire on August 6, which happened to be her birthday. The incident happened a few hours before a friend was about to bring balloons to her house for a party.according to WJBFAfterwards, Sabrina Dunigan went to pick up her boyfriend from get off work, and when she got home, she met a flame. At that time, the children were under the care of their grandparents, but in order to escape, they jumped from the balcony on the second floor. The fire was already so severe that they couldn’t catch the children at all.

Sabrina’s father Greg Dunigan told St. Louis Post He and his wife Vanicia Mosley were unable to help because they were blind. However, when Sabrina arrived at her house, she tried to retrieve her child from the apartment, but was unsuccessful. According to the report, it is unclear whether the building is equipped with smoke detectors. Because the funeral is very emotional, the East St. Louis community has stepped up to provide support for the Dunigan family.

The celebration of life was held at the Great St. Marks Church of God and Christ, where the community and family gathered for 9-year-old Deontay Davis, Jr., twins Heaven and Nevaeh, 8-year-old Jabari Johnson, 4-year-old and Loyal Dunigan home. 2. The children are buried in custom-made coffins. The appearance of the coffin represents each child. Pastor Mark Ratliff, who participated in this service, said: “East St. Louis has always been a person who gathers together during tragic times. Well, I am not surprised. I just thank us very much during the pandemic season. Unite and support each other.”

Currently, the Illinois Fire Department and the Illinois Police Department are investigating the fire. Roommates, let us pray for this family and community.

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