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This is the world of Dream Kardashian, and we just live in it. The baby girl of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian poses while showing off her attitude in a series of new photos of her mother.

Dream [Kardashian] I have had a personality for several days,” wrote Blake Chiner While sharing her and her new series of photos Rob KardashianIs a 4 year old girl. Chyna did not lie. In an Instagram post published on September 14th, Dream must have felt himself in FashionNova’s NovaKids costume. In the first photo, Dream leaned back in a butterfly print shirt and shorts, making some weird gestures. In the next photo, this attitude continued, she leaned back and flashed a demonic smirk.

However, this is Dream’s “third photo”character“Come out—someone might argue that it’s bigger than Blac Chyna’s! Dream is riding her pink Micro Kickboard scooter, raising her hand while shouting. The loot on display won Dream in the comments. Gave some compliments (and love!). Official Bale Alert A pair of hearts is added to the account, and the model Stephanie Rao And designer/entrepreneur Dencia Both of them left a string of emoticons with “hearts for eyes”. “Oh! I see you now show off her appearance with her gorgeous self,” a fan added. “Wow, she became so big and so beautiful,” another added.

The youngest Chyna is definitely becoming a fashionista. In August, Chyna shared their group photo “Pair. “When you and your girlfriend go out wearing the same clothes,” she captioned the cute photo of them both in cream clothes. In July, it’s Rob’s turn to show off his baby girl. Arthur George Socks founder Shared a photo taken during a trip to the beach. Dream is buried in the sand on her waist, but she seems to be enjoying her life.”Beach baby,” Her father captioned the photo.

Dream Kardashian (APEX/MEGA)

Two days before the beach trip, Dream and her cousin, Chicago West, 3, raid Kylie JennerOf cosmetics records the origin story in the third part of the YouTube documentary series Kelly Cosmetics. What did you get? Let me see, Odd! so cute! “Kelly said her nieces are helping themselves”Family discount” Different kinds.

Speaking of family, Dream had a lovely (and fashionable) encounter with her brother. King of Cairo, Early in 2021. Dream showed off her brand new pair of slides, and King, who was 8 years old at the time, said that she would not be allowed to wear them when they wandered in the swimming pool in the future. “I wear them when I go to pool parties outdoors!” Meng Yelling, To guide her mother’s “don’t be rough” attitude. The king knew that the argument was a losing battle, but he just shrugged.

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